Make sure that you have javascript enabled or the blacklist will not work.

Your blacklist hides images from the index that you do not wish to see.
There are two ways to modify your blacklist:

  • Click Hidden Posts on the index page. Type in what you want to blacklist and then click add.
  • Go to My Account and then Settings. Type in what you want to blacklist into the Tag Blacklist box and then click save.
You can combine a rating with a tag to block posts that have that rating and that tag. For example, "rating:e loli" will block every post that is rated explicit and also tagged with "loli". Be wary of using this, though, because people often forget to set ratings...

When adding to your blacklist, make sure that each thing that you want blacklisted is on a separate line. For example, if you want to block loli and shota, your blacklist needs to look like (without the quotes)


and not "trap male", which would only block posts that are tagged with both "trap" and "male".

Currently, the default blacklisted tags are "loli" (drawn females w/ child-like bodies), "shota" (drawn males w/ child-like bodies), and "death".

Note that blocking a certain user's posts ("user:name") does not work yet.
Updated by Vanndril about 4 years ago