Read the pool help first. Some features, such as adding posts to pools, require you to turn on "Advanced Editing" in your settings first.

Other notes

  • Please note that all posts in a pool will be shown in the pool page, regardless of the fact that some of them may contain posts that would normally be blacklisted for you, so be careful what you click on.
    • Due to this, and the nature of loli and shota, please add a loli/shota warning to the description of a pool that contains images of that type.
  • If a pool is for a named manga or cg set, use the naming scheme: Copyright - SetName (Artist). If the pool is for an unnamed manga or sequence, use the naming scheme: Copyright - Character Sequence (Artist). If the pool is not for a copyright/series, use the naming scheme: Original - ShortDescription (Artist). If the artist name is unknown, but a circle name is known, use the circle name. If neither circle nor artist are known, ignore the (Artist) part of the name.
    • Examples:
    • Original - Haramin!! ~Saimin Nakadashi Kozukuri Sengetsu~ (Swaneye)
    • Touhou - Hypnotizing Patchouli (Yumi398)
  • You can edit the order manually by clicking the "Order" link at the bottom of any pool page, or "change page" on the bar of any post in a pool.
  • Other ways to remove a post from a pool include clicking the "remove" link at the top of every post in a pool, or enabling the delete mode in a pool page.
  • When searching for a pool in the pool listing, search only using lowercase letters. You can also search by entering pool:number in the normal search box. Searching pool:*text* returns all posts in pools that have "text" in the pool name. Unlike the normal listing, which orders by date, searching for a pool returns the images in the pool's order. If you want to do a tag search and find the posts that are not already in a pool, search -pool:number.
  • To make a quick link to a pool in the comments or forum, type pool #number (ex pool #2).
  • When all of the pages in a collection have been imported into a pool, uncheck the active and public boxes in the pool's settings so that it no longer appears in the drop down list on the left hand side of a post page and can not have its image list removed or added to.
  • If you believe someone has created a pointless pool, or a pool created by another user needs the name or description edited, message Vanndril to fix.
Updated by Vanndril about 4 years ago