New Toy: Complete Saga (GlowHorn) ArtifactFox 47 Yes
New Toy 2 (GlowHorn) ArtifactFox 19 Yes
Tifa's fun by idpet IDPet 4 No
Principal Jackie’s punishments are harsh, but fair. Weryi 3 Yes
Rhea Flower Hypnosis SilverStar 6 No
News Anchor Bimbofied - sortimid da_janitor2 8 Yes
Manga that thinks that closed space and parasites are compatible (aliens) - swallow774 VortexMaster 13 Yes
Djuuicebox Nickle 134 No
Prinz hypno-fuck krump 3 Yes
The dangers of brain drain (he’s been trapped in there for hours.) Weryi 2 Yes
Visiting Mrs. Pierce Weryi 3 Yes
Kafka comic - 4Headboiii anon859 7 Yes
Remake of This Turned The Tables - Feger23 Hypnorgasm 11 Yes
Birds of Prey - Blackbird Hypnosis Olcas 5 Yes
Suzuya hypno-fuck krump 3 Yes
Prinnydood - Steins;Gate loganblast39 3 Yes
Magia Ritter 05 Professor_D 29 Yes
Bimbo Roommate Quarantine da_janitor2 12 Yes
Dancer Recruitment Page sonicfan150 4 Yes
Kikyo/Sango Hypnotic Masturbation (hipunoriumu)) OperationTransport 3 Yes
The Varking Haukke Manor AngelGrace 4 Yes
Contours da_janitor2 4 Yes
Central Insanity Tool / Blow Visor (COM3D) - Yukoruni VortexMaster 9 Yes
Hypnotized Tengu's Assignment Order (black) OperationTransport 7 Yes
Kimiko's Processing AGBell8 5 Yes