People being controlled by misaki usually have the star thing in their eyes.
Yeah, well, Touma's also touching her with his right hand, so... I'd say just go with it.
Might as well put this here.

Favin' just cause Midna FINALLY managed to get Link XD
Now if only it were one of the adult Links...
Not sure if these need loli; tagging preemptively to be sure.

P.S.: Is there any way to use metatags in your blacklist? I want to be able to see images that I post with the loli tag without having to toggle my blacklist. I tried "loli -user:petal" (without quotes) on one of my blacklist lines and it doesn't seem to work.

(I realize that's kind of an asinine request, sorry)
Just to be clear, when you tried "loli -user:petal", did you clear just "loli" from your list? Because, if you have both, I think "loli" would override the other. If you did that, then I guess there's no way to. Though I do find it somewhat odd that you would be okay with loli pics you post, but not loli pics others post...
I think what you've suggested would do the trick if all the functionality was in, but sadly the user:username thing doesn't work at all yet.
http://hypnohub.net/wiki/show?title=howto%3Ablacklist said:
Note that blocking a certain user's posts ("user:name") does not work yet.
That is what I did. Shame it doesn't work yet.

I realize this is pretty dumb, but I'm not comfortable having pages of loli thumbnails stare me down just to see the small percentage I'm actually going to click on. Obviously my own posts fall into that percentage, so I figured, "hey, let's see if this works." It's no big deal, I just forgot to check howto:blacklist.
More time blacklisting than actually viewing the offending thumbnails.
"You just wanna see me eat a banana."
Mindwipe said:
"You just wanna see me eat a banana."
Date Sep 28, 2013 User fudgerr Rating Questionable Score 7
I don't get it how would... An ass... Hypno..tize...
@[email protected]
I must obey Hypnotan.
RebKMG said:
assnosis tag xD
I assume that's the incorrect tag for the situation, since I find it hard to believe that there are only two ass-related pics on this site.
Well there is a hypnotic_breasts tag, maybe it should be renamed hypnotic_ass?
'Dat pencil-neck. XD
Nice pic otherwise, though.
Is she...controlling herself...?
Yeah, I like this one a lot. I don't need Hypno-tan to always look "anime" for me to like the picture. I also like that it is a bit ambiguous as to whether she's hypnotized or she's hypnotizing you (or both), but my interpretation is definitely on the "she's conscious and deliriously happy as she hypnotizes us, the picture-gazer" side.
I love this picture! I can't get over how adorable Hypnotan is!
Hypno-field. Anyone within 40 meters is in la-la land. But she has to really focus on it.
Vanndril wanted some MCed female dragons so here we go. Yeah yeah, I know she got a mermaid tail but who cares :P.
Dantus said:
Vanndril wanted some MCed female dragons so here we go. Yeah yeah, I know she got a mermaid tail but who cares :P.
TheLod89 said:
this was already posted
It's the thought that counts. <3
Final upload I was holding out on. Yup, only two. I suck, I know... I'm getting better!!! Don't rush me!!!
*runs off in a fit*
Awesome manip! And don't worry about how quickly things are made, you can't rush talent (well you CAN *looks over at whips*) but keep doing what you do!

I don't know why but I LOVE the eyes on this one. I think it's the way they're not exactly the same, idk if that was the intention and sorry if I'm insulting anything but...really it's beautiful.