Black Clover too! Notably with Fana and Asta in the Witch's Forest Arc.
Shazam - which is a wonderful movie on par with Richard Donner's Superman, by the way - opens with a mind control scene.

There's an evil artifact called the Eye of Sin that tempts and hypnotizes everyone around it One Ring style. Only the purest of heart can resist it, so the Wizard deliberately shows it to kids to see if they're worthy of being a superhero.

It's not a big part of the story. It's mostly a device to kick off Sivana's supervillain origin and set up a theme about how people are way too hard on kids. But it does get a fun callback at the ending and we get a really interesting scene where multiple people describe what it felt like.
It's not mind control (for the episodes I've seen yet at least), but the transformation sequences of the Mahou Shoujos in the anime "Saint October" (old 4:3 anime) definitely look a lot more like "corruption" than many scenes of this type.May even suggest twisted sexuality.
If somebody wanted to make an "evil" version of it, it would probably not take much effort at least on "deciding what to change".