Alrighty so I had time to think on it and came up with this for Kaa'lin

As skullman suggested above it would be good for her to have basically Morrigan's fighting style using little flits of magic or her tail in it to catch you off guard. In terms of her "build" I would probably classify her as a speed character, she's quick and nimble but doesn't dish out huge amounts of damage, relying more on her specials and such. Think Cammy or Ibuki.

Her specials would include:

Heart attack: Her basic projectile similar to hadouken. He blows a floating heart at you that will damage on contact.

Tail spin: Grab move that will leave her open if missed, if it connects pulls you toward her wrapping you up, where she gives you a little shot of hypnosis, then sins you out back to your original starting position. Think of it as the way Scorpion's spear works in the first injustice.

Sexy pose: she assumes a dilightfully playful and sexy pose, using her eyes that hit you with hypnosis until it ends, lasts only about 1-2 seconds. this will be a counter move, if she is attacked during this animation, she goes in for a kiss wiht a "Gotcha!" before kicking you away with a laugh.

Wing gust: She magics out her wings for a quick little escape backwards, sending a little minor damaging gust of wind toward you.

Hypnosis: A standard special that I would probably relegate to a single button that you can hold. Constantly projects her spirals sending hypnosis toward you until it is inturrupted or stopped. Think like Spinal's shield absorption in Killer Instinct

Super Special "BOTH Eyes if you please!": after a brief charge she surges forward in a grapple move. hit will be unblockable so only way to avoid it is to be out of range or jump it. She grabs hold of you flys you up slightly, her hypnosis going the whole time, until she forces you to look into the spirals wherein you PING doing super special damage which would be a large amount I'd wager. When you come out you will be in PING state until attacked.

Passive ability: PING: as you noticed she has several abilities that utilize her spirals and such, so through out the match the more of them you take, the more it builds you into PING state, when you reach the maximum which is determined by an invisible meter, you will PING, causing you to essentially be stunned for a free hit.

Well now, hope this doesn't make her seem OP or anything, tried to keep her slightly average.
IttyBit said:
Oh hey, this again
Have I shown some of my concept sketches for this yet? I forget. I tried to keep the characters as original as I could, and tried not to make any of them clones of existing fighting game characters.
Hypno-tan I'd imagine would make a great basic character, with a simple anti-air that would change its trajectory depending on the strength of the attack button pressed. She also has a projectile that does no damage, but makes the opponent helplessly walk towards her, setting up for free attacks.
Erika would be a zoning character, with her stronger attacks involving kaa stretching out in front, adding additional range. I also imagine she would have an extended grab attack, that could grab enemies from afar, granted you land it in the sweet spot.
Awake-san would be a pure rushdown character, and would have a heavy focus on getting aggressively close to her opponent. She also has a special move that involves her sipping a cuppa coffee, temporarily giving her an adrenaline boost, making her attacks count as two hits instead of one.
Dark hat boy would be all about hard reads, with his specials being a projectile reflector, as well as a counter. His character seems to be rather smug, and I figured most of the time he would be walking around with his hands in his pockets, letting his hat do most of his basic attacks for him.

That's all I really have sketched out so far
Oh my goodness those are awesome! Please please please, I hope Kaa'lin gets one :3
I'mma be that guy but can we also have a HypnoHub themed Dynasty Warriors-esque game?