skullman2033 said:
breakdown is when the culprit realizes they cant weasel their way out of their situation, and they promptly respond by FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT, their personality traits going into overdrive

so for awake-san the accurate thing would be her doing godots coffeemug throw, turned up to eleven where she's throwing cups of joe at everyone, screaming anti-hypnosis propaganda
Psi said:
For Awake-san... I imagine her "worried/cornered" animation being all nervous, sweating and checking her alarm clock, looking around and gritting her teeth.
Maybe an extra one for fake confident/smug attitude where she's trying to sip coffee but her hand shakes a lot and one eye is twitching.
Negative reaction/small breakdown has her crushing the coffee cup in her fingers.
For the breakdown, her alarm clock goes off with a super loud RRRIIIIINNNG and she shakes violently with a terrified O_____O expression. Then she slomps on the stand with the face of someone who just woke up having slept very little.
what if we take the best parts of both of our breakdown ideas and combine them, perhaps her rapidly throwing coffee at EVERYONE while screaming anti hypnosis propaganda, before eventually falling back from sleep deprivation, as she falls, she accidentally throws her clock upward and it lands perfectly on the stand before going off