Imasuky said:
I personally feel that +2 Strength +1 Magic is the best so that way you up Strength. Willpower, and Magic. Add in the potion and Strength and Willpower both get a big boost.
stfu n00b, git gud

no but srsly, looking at this from standad rpg logic, the only way hilda is ever gonna be really good with magic is by seriously neglecting all the other stats or by hitting the transformation lottery. if we play to her strengths (literaly lol) we max that out quickly and can work on willpower, which she has a good start on, and charm, which while low is not impossible to work up to something useful. we spend any points in magic, and we make several stats that coudl be useful and high into mediocre or low ones, and all we get is a magic stat thats a liability for too long. for hilda magic is the dump stat, until an outside event changes the situation

also, its in character for hilda to care about strength, and willpower, and to a small extent charm, it isnt really in character for her to waste time with a bunch of flashy hoo-ha

also we sheoudl make sure to increase her willpower no more then 5 points, cuz after that point, maxing out her strength will max out her willpower thanks to her skill