New Tag Creation Policy
For a long time, there's been a sort of unwritten policy with how we handle the creation of new tags here on HypnoHub. Generally speaking, new tags were not officially used unless they were generic (bra), expected on sites like this (nude), or were otherwise found on another popular booru such as Gelbooru. Often, new tag ideas that did not fit into one of those three criteria were declined when suggested.

The reason tags were handled in such a way for so long was that I wanted the site's tagging system to grow in a logical manner, avoiding duplicate and unneeded tags as to not clutter the system.

However, I now feel that our heavy-handed micromanagement of tag creation is no longer necessary. A majority of users who are likely to create new tags are already familiar with the general logic behind our tagging system. What kinds of tags are acceptable and what kinds are not has more or less ingrained itself into our site culture.

In other words, our tagging system has grown to have a self-evident logic that is somewhat easy to follow. And due to this, our policy on new tag additions has loosened up.

You can find the new Tag Creation Policy here.

With the change in policy, it'll be more important than ever to define the tags that are created. I urge all of you who do create new tags to define them as best you can and to help improve the definitions of other new tags.
So, does that mean I can start going through the Consensual MC pool and retag them? :P
impossiblearchitect said:
So, does that mean I can start going through the Consensual MC pool and retag them? :P
...I suppose so, yes.
Excellent, I've been waiting on that for ages.
Well, first of all, i'm loving the site!
Second, the're a lot of problems that could be esyli solved by a site administrator
First: the page for suggestions is down
Second: The taggs are uselles because the're not been used correctly, maybe we need a little kick to start doing things right
Thirth, Thay are a lot of thing that could be make better but the code lines are not put in place, you should check this place , You know what i mean, they have made an amazing job at this and the arquitecture looks similar, so you can ask for some code lines here