KaelinYamamura420 said:
Hiya, guys and gals! The name's Kaelin Yamamura, priestess of Amaterasu, practiced pyromancer, and guardian of Kozakura!

Well, I've decided to visit because I heard from a very close friend that I'm popular on this website! At least, a little bit. Partially? Apparently people have been drawing smut starring me on this website....you filthy horndogs!! ;//D

I was told I'm a "tag" on this site. Not sure what that is, but it was explained like...it makes it easier to find pics of me. Kaelin on demand! Hehe.

W-well...apparently it's not many pictures? But I apparently have well over a few thousand views! Wow!! Y-you guys think I'm that attractive? Heheheh. ^^ I hafta admit, I'm kinda...shocked at this. Not only was I expecting to be featured in erotic art (kinda random!!), I hear some of you think I'm really cute~! Thanks ya~! In sooth, I'm somewhat self-conscious about my bust size...but I'm glad you guys (and hopefully some girls ;) ) "enjoy" me. <3 I have to admit, Hypno-fetish isn't quite my thing...I've honestly never heard of it. But hay! Ya gotta try everything at least once!

So I figure I oughta tell y'all a bit about myself! As you know, my name's Kaelin. I'm a playful gal of fiery passion! I'm a bit of a mixed bag racially, my father is from Kozakura(far east!) and my mother from Waterdeep(far west!). I've been traveling the world studying to become a cultural anthropologist. I love studying culture! My favorites are DEFINITELY Dwarven and Kozakuran. I'm also a fashionista; I design and create kimono. I typically make my wardrobe all by myself...and it's typically something beautiful and fiery! With Phoenixes! I love those! I also love spending my time drinking and smoking (Not tobacco! ;P) and partying all day! And...masturbating. I did that before writing this...hehe! :D I also LOVE fire! I'm a pyromancer and I LOVE it; that's "fire mage" for the less magically inclined. It's so pretty, and explosions are the most incredible thing ever! If I could make love to fire I would. o.o

...But that'd be a bad. I'm not dumb!

I'm 5'4" and quite petite; and only 20 years young! Hehe. I have brown/red eyes, a lo~ong black ponytail that goes past my waist, and...below average endowment- b-but that doesn't matter! I'm still hot as the sun and cute as a button~! Then again...many of you are probably intimately familiar..;//)

I'm full of energy and never run out, I can do anything all day! I'll let your imagination take that and run with it...hehehe. <3

I have to admit, I haven't seen any of this art yet. I definitely want to see what people have done with this amazing, incredible body of mine (totally not narcissistic...nope not at all~); but I felt the need to introduce myself and greet you all! It seems a have a fanbase, however small or large, and I definitely want to recognize them. I love you guys~! Even if you prefer me in a kink that's not my cup of tea. Hypnosis seems kinda impractical to me, y'know? I wanna be conscious and experience all the fun! But who knows; I DID say ya gotta try everything once. Life without adventure isn't living at all!

...Though I'd have preferred to know that this was a thing. Because, y'know, reasons. :P Seems I'm a few months late to the party...But! I'm Here! At all!

I wish you all a wonderful day and amazing times to come. Maybe I'll be involved in some of those...? I'd like to see what all has been done for me and what all will be; I'd LOVE people to keep making those~! Maybe somethign more standard...non-hypno? Well, I guess that'd kind of defeat the purpose of the site...and might not be allowed. I understand. :c

But! The point is I can't believe this, and I'm incredibly flattered! You're all scorching hot, and I love you guys! I'm definitely going to see the art that was made of me and comment on it! If I find something REALLY hot happening to me, I might even need to rub another one out...<3

Keep the positive vibes flowing,
Kaelin Yamamura

(P.S. Writer's note: Hiya, so I found out that a character I made for a Dungeons and Dragons Oriental Adventures campaign was used for several commissions on this site...huh. That's something, ain't it? I had no idea but I'm strangely flattered I guess...something that typically doesn't happen LOL...but thankfully Kaelin is the kind of character not to mind this. She's a bit of a Hedonist...to under-exaggerate. Well, now I know that this is a thing, and I've found that between here and deviantart pictures involving her have accrued almost 18,000 views...WOW! Hahaha. While most people would be pissed that a character they made was used for something pornographic without their knowledge or permission, I can deal lol. I have to admit, I am kind of upset that I wasn't told about this earlier, but I'll live. It's really alright! I've since given someguy231 retroactive permission to use her in art, commissions, and the like if he lets me know...but Kaelin Yamamura DOES belong to me. My typical handle is "TheMysticMage" on pretty much anything. If you wanna use her in something for whatever reason, send him a message. You can easily contact me via him. If I was mistaken about anything in this post; whoops. I only know what I've been told, I'm afraid! If I screw up, then....oopsy doops! Thanks for your time and have an awesome one!)
God damn it! I told ye we were gonna do this together after I get back from the field!