Sol420 said:
New trailer and confirmed release date on Nov. 3rd!!

not only that but we get to see a little bit of the english dubbed new content.
Yesssssss. Yuri Lowenthaaaaaal. Also, thank God they changed the name of the 4th volume to Reconnection to fit with the name scheme of the other 3 volumes, rather than that bizarre title it has in Japan.

Anyway, hype levels are at critical.
Mindwipe said:
Yesssssss. Yuri Lowenthaaaaaal. Also, thank God they changed the name of the 4th volume to Reconnection to fit with the name scheme of the other 3 volumes, rather than that bizarre title it has in Japan.

Anyway, hype levels are at critical.
someone apparently still cares about consistency over at bamco.

Out of all the changes though, I hope they fixed whatever the hell went wrong with vol. 3's subs to make "oh man what was that?" appear no matter what the people were actually saying. That was one of the most hilarious/infuriating things I've ever seen in a localisation.
basically a rundown of what's been revealed since last time.

11 minute gameplay footage:
Gotta say, the game still holds up pretty well although the actual models for iyoten and asta show their age a little. Also, for some reason, they edited out all dialogue in the cutscenes. weird but whatever...

Parody mode:
that one, I'm fairly, certain won't be dubbed but it does make replays more fun

And more info on haseo's new weapon:
It actually looks super fun to use and i can't wait to try it out.

additionally, they've released the intro videos for volumes 1 and 2 with 3 coming up soon, probably. I'd say spoilers, but those were in the orignal games so I can't really fault them for it. Every little detail that comes out makes me even more hyped than before. I seriously hope they translate the kite light novels too. This could potentially lead to even more dot hack in the future so I hope it sells well.
with last recode naught but a week a way, I think its time for one last news post before release.

this info is kind of spoilerey, but then again, so has all of the other promo material for the game so I don't see a reason to worry about it now. that being said, if you're one of the people that doesn't know a thing about gu or have somehow managed to avoid most of the trailers yet still managed to hold interest, I'll black it out


I also read somewhere that the new volume would only be 3-4 hours long and I honestly doubt that. Aside from not being able to trace a reliable source, 3-4 hours seems criminally short for something like this. I'd by 8-10 or something, but 3-4 hours is not enough time for an rpg to really get going. I also hope that getting haseo's new form doesn't lock us out of his old stuff, as i liked switching between the weapons. It allowed for some variety in an admittedly simple battle system.
I know I said "one last" news post last time but a couple of things have come out.
A new launch trailer with a cool new song and comparison shots:
It's like that one glasses meme that went around a few months back.

I've also seen posts about people receiving their copies a day early so congrats if any of you are reading this!

For the rest of us:
And here i thought i was gonna have to search for this thread XD.
I got my order shipped so now i am officially hype for tomorrow.
Ahhhhhhhh do I get it for PS4 or PC? PS4 or PC? PS4orPCPS4orPCPS4orPC
so now that I've managed to finish the main story for vol. 1, I think I can take a moment to gush about the finished product. I'd call this a trip down memory lane but, as I said in previous posts, I was in the middle of playing through the ps2 versions ( got part way through vol 3) when the remake was announced so I can't exactly call it a nostalgia trip.

What I like:
-the visuals are fantastic and (most) of the character models hold up well despite the lack of lip movement for non-important scenes.
-the quality of life improvements (inventory expansion, xp boosts, etc) really did a lot to reduce the late game grind. Makes the whole thing a lot smoother. also thank god they reduced the number of pks who use sleep inducing armor effects.
-new unlockable wallpapers were cool.
- Minor spoiler spoiler

What I didn't like:
-the sidequest grind is still kind of annoying. Some of those you can't get around like finding every lucky animal, but do I really have to still shoot for 50 kicks total when there are only 20 of them? Same thing with mecha grunty and pk hunting. Also, I hate how the monster encounter rate for battle arenas is still high so it may not even count.
-the difficulty reduction I feel was a little too much for the avatar fights. Aside from a 2 or 3 exceptions, I honeslty don't think the avatar battles were difficult enough to warrant a nerf.
-that weird border around the edges of the old desktop wallpapers and news vids is more than a little distracting. Also, boo to no new bgms (at least for vol 1).
- not a dislike but I really hope they kept the cheat code in for the bike races in vol2 and 3. I cannot do them for the life of me so if that isn't in then the bike races are off the table.

still finishing up some grinding but otherwise ready to head to volume 2 and onward. I'm really liking the remake so far and I hope vol 4 holds up well compared to the rest. what do you guys think?

also, cc2 said they're interested in remaking imoq if fan demand was high enough. It's just a tweet but it's something. Hell, even just a digital release on psn would be greatly appreciated.
@Sol420 i have also recently completed vol1 [did all sidequests and fill all books] and i really enjoyed it i didn't even know about the exp boost till i wen't to gaming forums talking about how people hated it cause it made the game too easy.

About the grind
the grind was murder looking for every animal AND kicking enough for that guy to say "ok you kicked enough"
also that flyer quest can just die.

but i noticed a lot of those sidequests really complete themselves by just playing and completing areas so it wasn't that much of a hassle.

and really hope that last part happens cause getting the quadrilogy physically will kill my wallet.
I was actually getting ready to resurrect this thread to ask if anybody had it yet and how it is. Nice to hear that's it's holding up so far. I'm thinking of buying it for the PS4 in the coming days.

As for an original quadrilogy remaster, I think that'd wouldn't be enough for those games. They really need to do a full-on remake of those games with a more active battle system for it to do well with more than just the most hardcore fans.
Mindwipe said:
I was actually getting ready to resurrect this thread to ask if anybody had it yet and how it is. Nice to hear that's it's holding up so far. I'm thinking of buying it for the PS4 in the coming days.

As for an original quadrilogy remaster, I think that'd wouldn't be enough for those games. They really need to do a full-on remake of those games with a more active battle system for it to do well with more than just the most hardcore fans.
I actually like the slower paced feel of the combat in the originals. It encouraged mixing play styles while with gu, Haseo is entirely physical with his skillset.

that being said though, adding some kind of hotkey feature to reduce the amount of scrolling through menus would help improve the pace of combat by a huge margin. also more varied attack animations to make things more impactful. I'd also like them to redo the virus core system as the grind for that was just annoying.
just finished vol 2 and wanted to get some thoughts down on it. will mark spoilers where appropriate

what I liked:
-story arc for this one is still the best in the trilogy (now tetralogy, I guess), especially atoli's


-the weapons swap system really should have been rolled over to vol 1 but, hey, I'm not complaining now that it's back

-I'm really fucking glad they let us press buttons other than x to fill up the charge bar for divine awakenings. Now I don't have to break my thumb when I want to go higher than 30 presses.

The avatar battles are slightly less easy than vol 1's. I wouldn't call them difficult or even challenging but the enemies definitely got a few good licks in when I was actually focusing which was a surprise. Thankfully, corbenik isn't as annoying to fight as the original. That and the azure flame god battles I remember being really frustrating in a cheap kind of way so I'm glad they tweaked them. (or I'm just better at video games, who knows)

-they let me keep the cheat code for the bike races.


speaking of non challenging

what i didn't like:
-the important boss battles against players, especially in the arena, were already laughable in the original version so naturally, the xp boosts and general difficulty decrease compounded the issue. I really wish they at least scaled to your current level during those events to give a bit more weight to the scene. It just kind of undercuts the drama a bit when the cutscene really builds up a showdown only to have you one shot them. This is also one of the reasons why I think cheat mode wasn't necessary. The .hack games are many things, but difficult is not one of them (most of the time). They're probably one of the most casual friendly games I can think of.
light spoiler for the spinoff manga .hack//alcor

Other notes
-just to be clear, my bae in this series is Shino and her and haseo have been an otp of mine for years. Not saying Atoli and Haseo aren't good together, (thematically, they make the most sense and bring out the best in each other). I'm just a sucker for unrequited love eventually being reciprocated (obviously depending on how that reciprocation comes about).

if you haven't finished volume 2, don't reveal spoilers.
I'm an alkaid fan.
save for the marriage events, I finally worked through every major story event through the main game and post game for vol 3. As before, my overall thoughts

what I liked:
-avatar battles and most of the player battles weren't laughably easy this time around. Not especially difficult but they lasted long enough for me to get settled into the atmosphere for the fight which is all I ask for. The battle against fidchell in particular was more difficult than I remember as I remember steamrolling it the firs time but this time, I almost got ko'd

- I like how we don't have to constantly reload to see everyone's marriage/max affection event. takes a bit of hassle out of things

-tabby reunion. Unlike a lot of people, I actually don't mind tabby so much. I actually like the idea of someone going around and unintentionally meeting/setting in motion various events for haseo's journey through the games but I think roots executed it poorly.

-natsume and piros are still entertaining as hell.

-Ovan is probably one of my most favorite antagonists in video games. I think a lot of it is due to Jamison Price's stellar performance, but Ovan manages to exude this air of mystery, charisma, intimidation, and confidence that rarely gels well in other antagonists I've seen. Even his theme song is both awe inspiring when you first see him, haunting when he reveal's he's tri-edge and sad when you learn his motivation.

-Sakaki getting ganked by the azure knights

what I didn't like
-why don't we have more copies of the greeting cards so that we can send them to everyone in our party? they did it for the promise card, I don't see why we still have to save/reload to see everyone's email chains. Just doesn't make sense

-The overall story in vol 3 feels like 2 volumes in one. It just kept jumping from one thing to the next without a lot of breathing room in between. If I could redo it myself, I would place vol3 as the sage palace as act 1, finding yata/Aina ghost girl incident would be expanded for act 2, and a confrontation with ovan as the climax for act 3. my hypothetical vol 4 would be aina lashing out/discovering cupia as act 1, expanding on locating aura and examining the epitaph of twilight for act 2, and the war against cubia for the climax. That's just me, however but this way would have been able to address everyone's character arc without rushing through everything.

-the later levels of the forest of pain sort of highlight the worst aspects of the combat in this game. In the original 4 games, both physical and magical attacks were perfectly viable strategies and it was even required for you to use both in conjunction with each other in order to succeed. With GU, it was clearly built from the ground up as a hack and slash kind of game and yet the last 20ish levels of the forest of pain suddenly introduce physical tolerant monsters. On top of haseo not being able to learn any high level spells, the fact that we can't use them in a skill trigger or even rengeki with them makes them a chore to fight with. and to add insult to injury, you can still rack up combos to build up morale to use an awakening and kick ass anyway. To quote nakateleeli''s let's play "These guys are physical tolerant and the best strategy is to just hit them till they die"

-going through a couple of email chains, I'm confused as to what shino's feelings on haseo are. Most of the material, indicate shino has feelings for ovan and only sees haseo as a close friend. This aspect is consistent across pretty much every version of the story that was released, be it the novels, manga, and the movie. However in a lot of shino's emails, and even some of the in-game chatter seems to suggest she has developed feelings for haseo as well and I'd even go so far as to say she's flirting in some cases.

Lines like "my heart is only looking at you" and "let's go with just the two of us next time" really doesn't leave a lot of room for interpretation there. My shipper side would normally be happy about this except this all happens AFTER the pivotal scene where she let's haseo choose to be with atoli and move on. It just feels like the game is trying to have it's cake and eat it too by having a canon pair but also giving a potential harem ending for those who are into that kind of thing. Or maybe different people were in charge of the emails and they weren't communicating very well with each other,I don't know. As much as I ship it, I'd prefer if the narrative at least stayed consistent about the whole thing.

Phew! Sorry for the text wall here but honestly, I've been holding all this in for over a decade and this is the first time it's been relevant to talk about so it all came gushing out. Anyway, here's hoping volume 4 turns out well, although from what people have said, it's mostly fanservice (not necessarily the sexy kind, though)
didn't think I'd make another post this soon but just finished vol 4 and wanted to get some fresh thoughts on it but man they weren't kidding about it only being 3-4 hours long. (probably less for me since I used the demon safe shoes to skip over most of the battles). I'll try to avoid being too specific and mark spoilers where appropriate. everything I do mention specifically is either in older volumes or in promo material/can be easily inferred based on promo material.

What I liked
-Haseo's new form kicks ass and the variety of skills makes up somewhat for not being able to use old gear

-having ovan in the party is both awesome and kind of weird since I'm still processing that's happened.

-kusabira is pretty cute although I wish the volume was longer so we could see more of her

-skeith's new design is cool, although I miss the sleeker look of the 3rd form

-I love the visual style of the new cutscenes.

-it's just nice having a new (albeit short) adventure for everyone to go on.

-the closure we got for haseo and ovan was rather well done in my opinon.


what I didn't like
-I kind of wish we took things a little further with haseo's new form. Like instead of the blade transforming just for the skill that we could still use that weapon form until we changed it. I also wish that half the new skills weren't tied behind double trigger. Like the L1 button isn't doing anything during battles, we could just use that. Also give ovan more than two arts.

-also let me invite aina dammit. And gabi, sirius, taihaku and god dammit, there are so many unique characters i want to have in my party. We have the models and battle animations so why not let us use them!?

-I think a lot of ideas in the plot had great potential if the volume was long enough to flesh them out.

-speaking of potential, a lot of the characters felt under utilized and didn't really add anything substantial other than just being there


Overall, I think I felt satisfied with this new addition, even if it was shorter than I would like. I also like how they're teasing more material to come and I look forward to new announcements.

edit: this clip sums up my feelings nicely (