So I was browsing danbooru in search of certain props for a manip and it just got me thinking. It's really fun to browse through an archive of anime art. Sometimes I see images that are just so beautiful I just want to share them with other people. Then I remember that I have no friends. So instead; I figured, why not link to them here? It's already being done after all.

Let this thread be for sharing phenomenal images that you think are a must see. I only ask that you give the standard warning for loli/shota and furry stuff and the like. Of course comments and descriptions are encouraged.
RebKMG said:
Drawn by one of the greatest guro artists out there.
*blinks incredulously* Do you like guro, Mugi? Or was this just to point out the irony that an artist who generally draws guro randomly drew something so generally aesthetically beautiful?

This is an interesting thread idea. I'll probably post here sometimes.
Do expect a fair chunk of my links to be Touhou and bondage/bdsm.
RebKMG said:
I used to be really into guro when I was younger. I was a sadistic and really weird girl 5 years ago. >.>
Haha, I see.

I miss playing TERA, sometimes...
The Elin were my favorite (aesthetically, not to play - i as a Castonic Warrior)...for obvious reasons. :3
The girl with the golden shoe series of pics are some of my favorites. I would just post all of them but I'll post a couple of my favorites. there are some that aren't by the original artist (masao) though.

A walk through the forest:

a peaceful night:

I feel like making a dune reference but I've never read the books:

and a classic example of "they don't make them like they used to":
Must-share? As in "not hentai, just actually amazing"?

Yuumei's art comes to mind (it's so good!), in particular her Fisheye Placebo series. The updates are very infrequent but it's worth the wait.

Also, I love fractals.