Mind Control/Hypnosis Story Recommendation Thread
It's really easy, just post the link of a story you want to recommend, say whether it is original or fanfiction, and maybe a small summery of the story!

Like so: http://slayer40k.deviantart.com/art/Hypnotised-Slave-Lucy-Introduction-549835077

As the link text suggests: This is called Hypnotised Slave Lucy Introduction.

Lucy, stressed from putting up with her crazy teammates, decides to try hypnotherapy in order to grow a backbone. The hypnotherapist, however, as some other, sexier ideas.

Start of what appears to be a series by the creater, with Part 3, starring Erza currently the furthest.

Also... it might have the makings of a real plot, but just fetish fuel.
This series is one of the best I've read over at Literotica:
Anime Convention Harem

I've linked the series page because you should start from the beginning and the first few parts are relatively short anyway. Basically our protagonist is getting over a bad relationship and gets talked into going to an anime convention by the girl next door. With the help of a lucky japanese charm he gets considerably more than he expected.

Fair warning, it moves a bit slow to start but to quote the authors' opening statement:
"If you're lookin' for immediate-satisfaction smut, you've arrived at the wrong story. To me, erotica is a story woven with erotic elements and sexual themes, a simmering soirée of sexual tensions and anticipation that slowly--inexorably, builds to a crescendo of carnal excitement. If you're a reader looking for gratification without delay, look elsewhere, 'cause you'll only be frustrating yourself by reading further."

Which is why I like it to be honest. I can recommend other, more directly gratifying stories but I guess I've been waiting for a chance to point to this one. Give it a shot, it's characters are written like they're actual people which is kind of refreshing.

This is a favorite of mine that i've drawn inspiration from for some of my stuff. Powerful story.

It's about a random pedestrian woman who trips over on her walk home, is helped up by a mysterious stranger, and never finds her path again.
Shameless Self Promotion. I wrote both of these

Pretty Kitty
Riko, always so timid, tries on a daring costume for Halloween, and unleashes the wildcat within.
Lesbians and Transformation

A perfect accessory
Written for DragmasterAlex with their OC Bianca. I got the OK to keep the story around.
Okay, I have some stories to recommend:

What Happened When Paige Lost

A neat long story, even if we only see the results and not the induction.
Warning, contains humiliation, domination/submission, Femnazism (which is not feminism), and crying. Recommended for anyone who likes seeing a bitch get put in her place.

Naruto's Hypnotic Slave Girls

Despite the title, this is 100% maledom/femsub throughout. In a nutshell, take jimryu's Naruto Magic Pendant comics, make it a story, and have Naruto decide to use it on all the sexy women of the Shinobi World.

And lastly, I'd like to recommend this comic series:

Ranma of Mars!

Now, this one isn't as much a hypnosis series as it is a Ranma AU comic, but I will give one reason why I'm recommending it to hypno-enthusiasts:
At the beginning, the girls are brainwashed to believe they've always been Martians, but they have shown signs of resisting their reprogramming.
Also, all the girls (including Ranko) are given exotic skin dyeing and very sexy looking harem girl outfits, so... Ranma 1/2 lovers should find this interesting.
Swirly said:
Here's a Cat story

Thank you very much, I had already read it, but I love that story. I take the opportunity to recommend it
Mins control university

Its a live Chose your own story thing were the story goes by votes of the readers LIVE!
There are other MCY's but they go by MCU class ###
Someone has any turning the tables story recommendation.
These are two stories I feel like should be mind control writing 101

The Experiment is one of the most well rounded hypno stories I've ever read. It's a real good example of descriptive writing, good pacing, inventive hypno play and incorporating other fetishes:

The other story is the Mesmeri series, a series of super hero stories. Whereas The Experiment is a well rounded story, this series dives hard into the mind control/brainwashing aspect and it's one of the best portrayals of conditioning I've ever read. I've listed them in story order here:
Ok so here's Psi's favourites, although I think I recommended them to half the Hub already:
(Most of them are lesbian stories, anyway)

- Sub Routine (http://mcstories.com/SubRoutine/index.html ): my favourite MC story. A programmer girl who's tasked to decipher and neutralize mind control virus programs finds her roommate hypnotized by the newest programs at the pc... and decides to use her as guinea pig to understand its mechanisms. (Yuri)

-Sweet Oil (http://www.mcstories.com/SweetOil/index.html ): three girls try a massage oil with mind control properties, and start having sexy fun. (Yuri)
-Hot Oil (http://www.mcstories.com/HotOil/index.html): The sequel to Sweet Oil, with a hypno mistress conspiring to turn the girls into her hypnoslaves and make them convert the whole sorority. (Yuri)

-Kaleidoscope Mind (http://www.mcstories.com/KaleidoscopeMind/index.html ): A group of counsellor girls for a summer camp find a weird kaleidoscope flashlight... and it starts turning those who use it into sexy lesbian hypnotists! (Yuri)

-Xenophilia (http://www.mcstories.com/Xenophilia/Xenophilia1.html ): An all girl camping trip at the lake changes drastically when an alien expedition descends and turns them into robotized slaves, making them seduce and have sex with each other to strengthen their obedience through pleasure. (Yuri)

-Adaptation (http://www.mcstories.com/Adaptation/Adaptation.html ): A farmer girl on a colony world is enslaved by a mind control wasps, and starts a slowly descent into serving the hive and its larvae. A bit strong on certain themes. (Alien sex, warning: death)

- Paladin (http://www.mcstories.com/Paladin/Paladin1.html ): A swimming team coach has turned her girls into a harem of hypnoslaves, perfectly trained. But how will they react when they find out that a new hypnotist has enslaved their mistress? (Yuri)

-Weapon Ready (http://www.mcstories.com/WeaponReady/index.html ): An insectoid, jelly alien race is enslaving women from several worlds and spaceships all across the galaxy. One woman awakens in the depths of a hive ship filled with naked brainwashed women, and decides to start a desperate plan to save some girls from enslavement and escape this sexy hell before they get turned into slaves. (Yuri)

- Summit (http://www.mcstories.com/Summit/index.html ): This is a bit more complex. Several Masters and Mistresses from Tabico's stories (Hot Oil for instance) meet to discuss a plan to stop a new, super powerful mind controller that threatens to take control of their harems. Tech control, eye fixation, hypno oil, body modification... looots of different stuff here! (Various)