[POLL] Drawing by Committee, Fusion Edition FINAL ROUND
Who even remembers that I was working on this? X)
For those who need a refresher (and I do not blame you): I combined some of the Hub's favorite girls into four new beings, and proceeded to poll you all on what their fate would be. You've now made it clear that you want all four of them as mindless, obedient playthings for your amusement, and so now this final poll will decide just what shape that takes! This is the last round before I actually start working on the drawing, so please, vote with your hearts! =D
Sorry for the delay, but you all overwhelmingly voted to hypnotize all four fusion girls (seen here: http://hypnohub.net/post/show/58620/black-wave-black_hair-blonde_hair-blue_eyes-boots-). Hopefully that reflects well on their likability. =D
Now it's time to decide what sort of shape this eventual drawing will take. Click the link to vote on how many hypnotists and how many subjects we'll see! http://www.strawpoll.me/14894203
I'm at it again with another poll that lets you decide what I draw!
Check here for the subject candidates: http://hypnohub.net/post/show/58620/black-wave-black_hair-blonde_hair-blue_eyes-boots-
And here for the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14758944

Text from the previous DbC is in the spoiler tag.
Definite vote for F. Bodysuit/jumpsuit stripping is always fun.
Grumpy bunny Samus all the way
I appreciate the input. =D I'll leave this open for a few more days~.
Plenty of votes to go on at this point, but I'm going to leave this up until the weekend's over. It's very close, so make sure you go vote for your favorite!