What makes someone suggestible ?
Hi !
Before anything : I've checked the 5 first pages of the forum, didn't find anything too close to what I had in mind, so I created a new topic. If there is already a fitting topic, I'll ask there.


So, in the past few days, I've been lurking here and on sleepychat more than usual, and I've realised one thing : I can't be put in a deep trance. I've tried audio files, chat sessions... (Didn't try with a live hypnotist with a voice, though).

But we're not here to talk about me. My point is : what makes someone a sub ? Or a good sub ? Natural suggestibility ? Trust towards the hypnostist ? A talented hypnotist ?

I've read a few cases about people being put to trance really easily, sometimes even on accident once (Pink, if I remember correctly), whereas other persons are harder to hypnotize.
I think no situation is really hopeless, and that anyone could be put to trance with enough willingness or work, buuuuut at the same time it réels that sometimes it just doesn't work

Do you have any opinions or informations on that matter ? I'd be glad to discuss.
I'm not sure if I'm a bad sub or a terrible sub, but I find that the biggest factors for me to go sub are trust, proper grammar and spelling and a personal willingness to stop being in control for a while and let myself rest.

The grammar and spelling are mostly important to me because I'm a grammar nazi >.> it sincerely irks me daily and while I can gloss over it most of the time while trying to relax? Nu-uh.

The willingness to go under increases as existential dread or stress piles up for me. Just get me off this crazy rollercoaster that is life for a minute, please!

And trust is the trickiest of all. I trust others to do right by themselves, not right by me unless that happens to coincide with their desires. I don't think I've ever met anyone that I wasn't afraid of that way. For something as powerful and intimate as hypnosis can be, I've been proven wrong in putting my trust in people too often (one such fairly recently). At least as far as desires go.

Recently (little victory!) I've been able to put myself under with a script that won't be named because lazy reasons. I knew there was something in the script I wouldn't like and before heading in, told myself that that particular thing would have no effect on me. It didn't, but the rest luckily did! Took some effort to remain in trance but I did it!
For me it's an issue of focus. I can't turn off my thoughts enough to focus.
I dunno man, but I'm probably not suggestible at all. I've never actually gone into trance despite many attempts to do so.
@Friye : Ah, I think I can partly relate ^^
About grammar : I'm kind of a grammar nazi too, maybe even more in english than in my native language, but only when I'm reading. If I'm listening to something, I pay less attention to how it's said and more attention to what is said. I try, at least. But when reading, even messing up "you're" and "your" can trigger me x)

I think trust is important too, but sometimes I feel like it's not only about "what they could do if...". I mean, obviously : there is always the thought of having a very mean-spirited tist, who could use or plant triggers and try to do wrong to you or with you. But I feel like this is a minority of the tist, and you can avoid that with proper care.
More importantly, maybe the sense of "loss of control" can be strange to comprehend. I mean, in our daily life, we more or less know what we want to do and we do. We're never really some kind of robot on auto-pilot. We're always aware . If I am not in control anymore, what could happen ? Will I still be aware that I am not in control ? Will my consciousness disappear for a brief moment ? Will I disappear for a brief moment ? And then, if I'm really "not in control anymore", could I reveal something that I do not want to be revealed ? Could I do stuff that I don't consciously want to do, but that are "ok" enough for Trance-me ? (Is there a difference between "conscious me" and "unconscious me" ?)

Okay, I might be wayyyyyyy overthinking it, but I feel like having to those questions could ease up the process. Maybe it won't, but maybe it could.
I have only experienced working cases of hypnosis (real of fictional) as a spectator, so I don't know if those are legitimate question or not, though.

@Imasuky : Yeah, I think I know what you mean.
Usually, I can relax a bit, but since I don't really go as deep as what I think the tist wants me to be, I'm pissed at myself because I'm not capable enough or I'm not "normal", thus making me focus less on what the tist says and more on my personnal thought. Then, since I'm not focusing anymore, I'm even less into trance, and so on...

Another variant : I feel like I'm doing good, and want to "check" if I can move, if I can still do stuff or if my mind thinks I can do stuff but my body won't obey. Spoilers : if I'm aware enough, that means I'm more than enough in control, or not into trance enough. And then it doesn't work anymore.
It does very much take trust and willingness.
And practice. Suggestibility comes with practice.
AnnoyinGoblin said:
Hi !
Before anything : I've checked the 5 first pages of the forum, didn't find anything too close to what I had in mind, so I created a new topic. If there is already a fitting topic, I'll ask there.
To be honest, it was almost the same for me when I began trying stuff like that out, but it/I got better eventually and now I can induce such a state in a matter of seconds on my own.

It may also help for you to know that hypnosis or that relaxation state is actually mostly focused concentration. In short; the same thing happening each time you read something, watch TV or a series, or maybe while you listen to music or do something automatically while you do something else. Maybe even when you read text or posts in this forum. Also, you enter that state every time before you go to sleep (and hypnotic amnesia is also just like if you were to recall when and how you fell asleep, I'd assume.)

So maybe it would help if you just focus on a moment you were lost in thought. There sure must've been a moment - like a car drive or while you read a book or while you were totally engulfed while watching a movie or a series - where time just passed by and only later you noticed how much time had actually passed.

Maybe this makes it a bit more clear that you actually "can" achieve that trance state or be hypnotized. Even if it may not be that easy through text for everyone or only to some degree. But yeah, actually some people don't even notice it due to the state being so natural for them. It's something our brain does by itself most the time of our life. It may even happen while you're waiting for someone or something or standing in a line waiting for you to be the next one.

Also, I think this thread is different than the "Why do we love being put to sleep so much" thread. The mentioned one is not about stuff like "suggestiblity" and something completely different and more "fetish" related in my opinion.

If you got any more questions, though, I, as someone who's practiced this for quite some time and got some experiences and read much stuff up about it, would try to answer them as best as I can :)
I can't go into trance. I put most of the blame on a light sprinkling of sensory issues. Parsing speech takes up a baseline of concentration, for example. It's never a problem in daily life, but when I'm told to do literally nothing but listen, it's very noticeable.

I should note that the ability to go into trance is not the same as suggestibility.

AnnoyinGoblin said:
We're never really some kind of robot on auto-pilot.