Here is my 2 cents. I didn't realize Newgrounds had a 100MB limit. However I for 1 download it & play it offline (I use GOM Player incase anyone's wondering). I know though that some people might prefer playing it in browser. I'm not a game developer or anything so I don't know if this would be a possibility or not. For the Newgrounds version if you only used the new graphics for the game and not the old ones it might save abit on memory so you don't reach the 100MB limit as fast. No offense or anything I just think the new graphics look better. I just think your a better game developer/writer then an artist. That said it may just be better to just make the game download only. It might would free you from any limits creativity you may be having with the game. Also on the subject of the game it's self I would recommend doing something more with Dereck. Honestly I don't remember much about Dereck right off. Other then that you see him once or twice if you get Molly fired. I don't remember what Dereck's deal is or what your maybe planning to do with him. However I think it would be fun if Dereck became your rival. Trying to enslave the whole school including the female Rosa ofcourse. Maybe you can try and create some scenarios where Dereck tries to take your slaves or you try and take his. Just spit balling some ideas here. This is YOUR game so do whatever the fuck YOU want and what YOU think is best for it. I think your a great writer and a fairly good game developer. I really like how there are multiple ways & scenarios to enslave the girls. I love the game and I can't wait to see how this game keeps evolving and what else you will do next.

PS: Adding more girls to enslave is also highly recommended. You can never have too many slaves right?