Dr_Mabuse said:
I'll admit, that scene would probably turn me on way too much to be nearly as disturbed by it if it were femsub... A man can always dream, huh? T_T

Sadly, such scenes have proven to be rare gems for me as well. Out of the few I can bring to mind for the moment, they're either malesub, animated, or both. I will say, that one you've posted is choice, so thanks for introducing me!
I still like these conceptually really hot scenes, because I can personally imagine/create stories out of them. But, for a femsub aficionado like me, it always feels like such a waste when the hottest scenes are of the gender I'm not attracted to. Oh well, more content for the people interested in that, I suppose.

I'm glad you like the Mutant X one. There's a few more of that type I know of, either straight-up hypno or parasite possession (which I know doesn't turn on everyone here) :
-This one from Relic Hunter (S3E11 if anyone's curious) was one of the first scenes, along with that other one, I discovered.
-This one I already shared with a user here, but it's a surprisingly good scene from an otherwise awful movie (parasite warning).

There's a whole damn folder of clips I have, some horror, some not, but most of which I find hot and know where they come from - hell, if anyone's interested, I could share a list/Mediafire folder.

Still, I'm always looking for good scenes. This one is topical, when compared to your AHS scene.