Hey guys!
So... I found a site that you can stream NSFW art as you work on it.
Yep! Got me right tickled pink. I"m already using it, and if you want to know if I'm ever streaming, check my dA or follow me on Picarto.tv.

I just thought I would throw it out there for the few artists here, and for those that would just like to watch art being made =)

https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=ScribblyLuna - Me!
So, adding this on -

I'm figuring that when I'm going to be streaming, I'll post here too to let you all know =)

So expect to see this thread bumped up every few days XD
You finally found one, eh?

I remember that you were asking around a while back for a site like this. Glad to see that you happened upon it!
Yep. I love how I found it =D It's in beta at the moment, but I can live with that XD Definitely.

It runs well, from what I can tell, too. So yay.