Collab...I guess
Bored out of my mind and since everyone is practically teaming up, I want to take another crack at a collab. So first come and first serve and we can discuss the dets, and one more thing: Koari Zue is going to be the artist of choice. Anyone in?
I might be possibly interested, but my "skills" are very limited
Nah, it's all good. I already have the artist in mind. We can talk about the details of what you want in our collab (provided you can pay your half of the funds)
can i get more details on what this collab is?
Well as long as you pay your share. I will get in talks with Koari Zue involving my OC...well me...and an OC of your choosing doing...well we can talk about the details of what goes down in the commission here
So you interested in getting a genderswap pic and story.

Cause I'm only willing to show up in F/F pics, usually as the dom but could sub.
You have piqued my interest...I wouldn't mind a genderswap. But the story will fall on your hands...and as long as you pay your half for the art
I'd write the story and I'll see how much i have after i get my next piece paid for.

We can talk a bit in DMs to work out some ideas for later.
Le bump. Bored again and want to do another collab...using this guy for the artist. Hit me up if you want to collab with me..