Free Request and Commissioning Event: Invisible Hypno-Friend
Hello everyone! We're at November the 12th already, and christmas is right around the corner. And while we wait for all the joy and happiness it brings to us, what better thing to do to show my Christmas Spirit that giving away some free hypno-requests? From today and until December the 15th, I'll be doing some free request for some lucky people!

How this will work is, normally I'd send you guys to my DA, but I dont know if all you have an account there, so you will leave your request on this forum, and on November the 15th, I'll randomly choose 5 between here and DA, and do them.

"But DH, you said from November the 12th to December the 15th, why choosing those 5 on November the 15th?"

Good question! You see, Christmas is the time for sharing and caring, its all about everyone else, not yourself. And thats why from November the 15th, after choosing 5 request randomly, and until December the 15th, every other request will be chosen by someone else, an invisible friend!

And who might that invisible friend be? You might ask. From today, and until the end of this 'event', whoever commissions me, will earn the right to be an invisible friend. I'll let them have a look at the list of comments with the requests, and I'll let them choose what request they want me to do, whether it is because they like the idea, or because they like the person who requested it and want to make them happy, will be completely up to them, your own invisible friend!

So, if want some fine quality commissions, now you can also make someone happy as a bonus! What are you waiting for?! Here are my prices for anyone interested in making someone else smile:

This is an idea I've been thinking for some days now, let me know what you think guys. And remember to post your Request down before leaving, but only after giving a read to these rules:

- There must be some kind of hypnosis involved.
- Despite this being sort of a Christmas Event, there is NO need for the request for being Christmas themed.
- Avoid posting ideas revolving NSFW content such as completely nude characters or sex. Your Request will be ignored.
- Maximum 2 characters.
- You must provide references of your characters.
- All subs must be female, doms can be either male or female.
- Only 1 request allowed, so think what you want carefully.
- All kind of characters are allowed, included OCs.
- Remember that some request will be chosen by invisible friends, so make sure they are fun and original ideas if you want to maximize your chances.
- The 5 winners of the random selection will be anounced on this forum via editing, so check it up on the 15th to see if you've been chosen.

Thats it everybody, good luck!


These were the 5 winners chosen on November the 15th:
3 users from DA:
SwankyPajamas, Robocopp33 and hamn8r.
And 2 Hypnohub users:
Frostbyte and Foffyoul5

Picked by an invisible friend:
Airmanexe (Hypnohub)

Remember you can still commission your idea in case it didnt get picked.
Well might as well put my OC in for a request she's a domm as for the sub I'd like Awake-san.

The idea would actually be Christmas theme.

Imasuky sitting back with a smile reading a book as Awake-san is tranced out looking at her half unwrapped gift which is another book.
How about...

Aqua from Kingdom Hearts being Hypnotized into a Submissive girly, slightly Dizty princess?

Kachopper9 said:
How about...

Aqua from Kingdom Hearts being Hypnotized into a Submissive girly, slightly Dizty princess?
I also want aqua, but she's all milfy and hypnotizing the viewer
For my request I'd like to see something with Viridi and Palutena from Kid Icarus Uprising. The idea i have for the scenario would be Viridi using a hypnotic gas from a flower to put Palutena into a happy and relaxed trance. Preferably give Palutena a nice big silly grin.

Virdi reference:

Palutena reference:
How about kefla from dragon ball super hypnotized?
foffyoul5 said:
How about kefla from dragon ball super hypnotized?
I second this!
Eh, what the heck, I'll toss in a request.

Tatsumaki and Viridi hypnotized and drooling while in bikinis on a beach. Because I have no imagination.

Tatsumaki Ref:

Viridi Ref:
Let's do a crossovery thingy: a Disgaea Succubus hugging Estellise Sidos Heurassein from Tales of Vesperia from behind. Estelle has heart eyes and a dazed expression implying she's under the succubus' spell.

Succubus reference:

Estelle references:
The Female Lone Survivor giving Piper who have a dazed smile some "Water" and the Survivor has a devilish smirk on her face


Female Sole Survivor
I suppose I'll request Samus Aran and her first experience with Chozo Battle Drugs. Specific effects up to anyone that might pick this up: perhaps mindless bloodrage, or a serene combat trance. Let her do some Martial Meditation.
Alright, I know it's not very original, but here's mine.

Lorelei and Shauntal from Pokemon being hypnotized by a hypnotic object (pendulum, magic crystal, anything is fine), with dazed expressions whilst wearing harem outfits. Also, make sure to keep their glasses on.


This is so generous! Thank you so much, even if I don't win anything

My request is this OC person, Anna hypnotizing Samus with ghostly magic or something. I'd like it with Samus in her zero suit, and Anna wearing what she does in the reference, but you can just have her a wear a black skirt rather than pants. spoiler

Anna -

Samus -
Yay, generosity!

So, my request. My OC who is totally not just me <.< ( in a wedding dress while a woman offscreen uses a wedding ring on a string as a pendulum to hypnotise her into being her happy, submissive and slutty housewife.
May as well throw my hat in. My request is of Velvet Scarlatina from RWBY being hypnotised to think that -while wearing some bonage gear and the like -she is just going to beacon normally
( )

Side note: for your commissions, do you accept freedom dollars/ what do you charge in them?
SleepyOwl said:

Side note: for your commissions, do you accept freedom dollars/ what do you charge in them?
The payment is done throught paypal, you can change currency while sending money. It changes the currency automatically. I preffer Euros, but I can take the dollars and change them myself later if you cant figure it out.
So wait, are these just free requests or is there a catch? I'm sorry; I'm kind of confused by your choice of wording here.

EDIT: Alrighty. Might as well throw one out: A Sombra/Symmetra pic from Overwatch with the former hacking the latter into (happily) doing their whims. Have the two of them making out with each other.

Here's some character pics:
Didn't spot this thread until just now. Hope its not too late to throw in a request.

Raven Branwen and Kali Belladonna from RWBY hypnotized on stage. It'd be great to see Raven clucking like a chicken and Kali acting like a kitty.


This is Raven

This is Kali