A Trainer and a Slave: Love Story Of HypnoHub (ft. Lady Gardevoir)
Darkrai (Me): Hopefully, your new owner will treat you like a person. Until then, I will train you to use your new moves to their fullest. Now, let's start with the simplest one, Present.

Gardevoir (Lady Gardevoir): *With care not to damage her maid's clothing, I began to kneel down before opening up a bit, kneeled with my legs spread, showing the lack of panties under the dress, my hands tugging down my breast, letting my C cups free of any boundaries before I place them on my thighs, my back fully erect as I raised my head, my eyes on the ground in embarrassment*

Darkrai: ... Ooooh, I thought Present was you were giving me something. Okay, you can stop now. Let's try a basic function: cooking. Try cooking eggs.

Gardevoir: I apologize, the last training I had was the sexual one, thus it is the most resent thing inside of my head *I explained before lifting myself off the ground, pulling my maid outfit after dusting it, walking towards the kitchen I began to work out the kitchen...* Mister Darkrai, what type of eggs would you enjoy?

Darkrai: I prefer my eggs sunny-side up, but since I don't know how well you are at cooking, let's keep it simple. Please make scrambled eggs.

Gardevoir: *With care she began to cook, preparing two pots and kettles, humming to herself a melodious tune as she began cooking both kinds, a few minutes afterwards she set the table for him, showing a batch of scramble eggs, and perfectly sunny-side up eggs, she knew how to cook... just not how to bake* Mister Darkrai, it is finished.

Darkrai: *Eats them* Mmmm, you are quite good... Well, let us continue. I want to train you to use your new Z-Moves, but most Z-Moves require a bond between the user and their owner. As such, I will continue to help train you until we have bonded. Now then, I shall reward you. *He went up to her, pat her on the head, and fed her a Rainbow Bean* Even mindslaves have needs of their own that require caring of. People who only think of mindslaves of property and fucktoys are truly despicable. Thus I will treat you not as a slave, but as a friend.

Gardevoir: "Of course, Mister Darkrai" *She nodded and accepted her meal, she felt her mind fog a bit as she was feeling a bit more... affectionative alongside him, an aftermath of her collaring and headphones.* "Of course, Mister Darkrai, I'll try my best for bonding with you and or whoever wins my auction"

Darkrai: Thank you. I wish I could keep you to myself, but that is not how this works. Let us continue the training. Even though you are dressed like a maid, you still need to defend your owner. Follow me. *He led her to an area with training dummies* Aside from your 4 new moves, you also have your 4 old moves. You should be able to use them in order to protect those you care for, as Gardevoirs do. Please use your 4 combat attacks on the training dummies.

Gardevoir: *I looked down, my thoughts... none existant, my only goal.. order... was defend, I calmed my mind, I made sure nothing would come across defending Mister Darkrai... before I sent out a powerful phychic attack to take out the more spread out dummies, a dazzling gleam falling onto the group of enemies before I rested, my head clean of all thoughts and emotions*

Darkrai: *Claps* Well done, Miss Gardevoir. Here, another treat... *He patted her head once more and fed her another Rainbow Bean* I know I'm not supposed to spoil you, but I want to make you happy. And not happy as in acting happy, I want you to feel truly happy. Because you're my friend, and friends make friends happy. That's why I took up this job in the first place, to make people happy. You can rest for now, follow me. *He took Gardevoir to his bedroom* I shall stay with you until you are gone, so until then, I will make sure you truly become happy, not for my sake, but for yours.

Gardevoir: *Smiling at his gratious gift, I blushed and ate the bean, suddenly my mind felt the pink fog surround me when I watch him, more and more I felt confortable with my handler, by programming I curtsie in front of him for his grateful gifts for me, making me have a genuine smile on my face*

Darkrai: *I hug her, and pat her on the back. I genuinely felt bad for her, and what she has become. But still, it won't stop me from showing how much I care. I give her a short kiss on the lips.* Mmmmm... you taste amazing...

Gardevoir: *Without thinking, the kiss became a bit longer, if only a few seconds before you stop.I blushed and look down, I enjoyed this kiss more than I realize, then again... I was made to do so* "Th-thank you Mister Darkrai... I aim to please"

Darkrai: Of course. If you would like, you may use one of your 3 new moves to show your care. Attract, Captivate, or Pound. Use one, please...

Gardevoir: *Blushing, I gave him a peak of my breast once more, only above the nipple área before I gave a seductive pose, winking before throwing a kiss at him, my chest jewel glowing pink as I did all this*

Darkrai: Heheh, Attract. How suave. *A bit of cum accidentally sprayed onto Gardevoir's dress* Oops, sorry. Guess I got a bit too excited. Let me help with that. *He got a rag and cleaned the cum off of her dress, being very delicate* No matter what, you're still a person, and I care for you. *He stared into her eyes with passion*

Gardevoir: *Without thinking, my hand help him clean up, taking a small amount of his accidental cum onto my fingers, before licking them clean off, blushing at the taste of it and staring into his eyes* "I... don't feel like one at times now, I just feel like an automatron that is design to feel emotions."

Darkrai: "You are not, though. I know you're not. The kiss, the helping, they are not programmed. They are true feelings. Nothing more, nothing less." *He leaned in and gave her another kiss, this time making it last for about a minute*

Gardevoir: *I knew they where real but... the programming and just bit of self concious always made me believe otherwise, all I knew... my free will shut down when I began to kiss back, my tongue, asking for entry into your mouth as I began growing warmer*

Darkrai:*He allowed it, licking her tongue like a warm welcome. His bulging cock started poking against the area of her vagina, really wanting to be inside of her*

Gardevoir: *Without a single thought in my head except this inner monologue, I explored your mouth with my tongue, getting to know each detail before I began to pull away, dragging your tongue with me for you to explore mine, my legs opening slightly to give your tip more space to explore*

Darkrai: *My tongue went all over, going through every nook and cranny like an adventurer in a dungeon. My member was now poking against her vagina, still preparing itself to enter*

Gardevoir: *I began to squirm a bit, the tip was softly rubbing my nether lips like they where meant to be together, I did not know what I could do.. I just... just wanted you inside of me... programming or not I needed you*

Darkrai: *I thrust my body forward, pushing her and myself onto the bed as my dick entered her pussy, getting acquainted with the new area*

Gardevoir: *I was not a virgin so the slide in was perfect for me, nice and long it felt inside of me, a good size and girth... I moaned onto your ear, my hands, placing them around his shoulders from below your arms, keeping you close* "P-please, satisfy yourself"

Darkrai: "I know exactly how, too... Time to show your true self!" *I had a Z-Ring on me, and the Gardium Z in it. I activated it, doing the pose while on top of her* "Z-Power, activate!" *Z-Energy flowed out of me and into Gardevoir, powering her up!*

Gardevoir: "Well well... guess I will have to use this early" *I said, smirking before I kissed you directly, my secret moveset finally showing up, a nice drain kiss to reléase you of enough energy that turning you until your back was on the bed felt so much easier* "Well then, let's have some fun, Mister Darkrai"

Darkrai: "Of course... Miss Gardevoir..." *His dick was erect, throbbing for her. He wanted to be inside of her, and he was ready for it*

Gardevoir: *Smirking down onto my pray, I began to sing, my voice like a siren, captivating you into the glow of my eyes and my jewel, slowly moving my his backwards and fowards to stimulate you*

Darkrai: "Nngh...~ Annngh~" *I couldn't look away, I just stared as her hips kept moving, looking at her beautiful face*

Gardevoir: *More and more I began to kiss you, every bit of energy being ridden from you before I made a command* "Sleep"

Darkrai: "Y-yes..." *I fell asleep instantly, my body going limp, though my dick was still standing up erect*

Gardevoir: *I pleased myself with it, but as I did, I place my hands on your head, sucking up your dreams, eating them, making me gain power of them, your lust and desire.. so perfect for the taking, I humped myself faster and harder, each bit of lust I sucked, oh so delicious, I felt it grow inside, more and more this desire to suck your lust until I was satisfied*

Darkrai: *Of course, it hurt to suck his dreams due to his "Bad Dreams" Ability. In fact, sucking his lust and desire stung a little bit, too.*

Gardevoir: *Even in pain... the pleasure of it was a bit too much for me to deny myself from doing this, but I knew I had to stop before the Sting grew stronger... for this I relax a bit, letting myself get out of my humping craze before I began to pound myself onto your perfectly erect cock*
Re: Training

Darkrai: *I moaned in my sleep, seemingly pumping myself in and out to Gardevoir's rhythm. Bits of precum leaked out bit by bit*

Gardevoir: *Due to programing, only if it was desired by my owner, I would get pregnant, so this bit of precum meant nothing more than lube for me to go faster, harder, tease him for all he was worth before I stop, making him ride an edge before settling down, and only then I continued*

Darkrai: *My desires, when she drained them, were for her to be happy, and potentially having a child. So yes, I did want to have a kid with her*

Gardevoir: *I would not know if he would be able to... due to being a legendary, but still I pounded myself, even when I was the active one I still act upon my basic programming... he wanted me pregnant... he would have to pass through edging hell before I gave my womb to him*

Darkrai*I didn't care what I was or what I had to do, my desires wanted her to have my seed and my child, and I kept pumping in and out in my sleep*

Gardevoir: *Knowing well his desires, I acted upon them, more and more I teased him, making him be spent, more and more cum would shoot out of him and into my waiting womb,I continued to edge him... I lost the notion of time... maybe it was half an hour... or five minutes... could even be two hours at this point... all I care... was edge and repeat, edge and repeat*

Darkrai: *Eventually, the sperm started forming around her egg, squishing into it. Though unsensed, a soul slowly formed inside of her*

Gardevoir: *Gasping out I finally let out a muffled sigh of relief before I let myself have an orgasm, rocking my body but even while quivering I did not lose my grip, remaining on top of you for the duration*

Darkrai: *I slowly woke up, smiling* "Heheh, thanks for everything~. It's sad that you'll eventually leave me, but... if your new owner allows it, you can visit me whenever you want~. Of course, if I win you... I'd be the happiest 'mon in the world...~"

Gardevoir:"I... understand" *I felt the power of my Z move begin to fade, my dominance falling off as I smiled at him, still sitting on top of him but... just listening to my headphones and relaxing, smiling at him before I let my tired body fall towards you*

Darkrai:*I catch her, and embrace her softly, but firmly. The hug felt amazing, and I gave a passionate kiss. The feelings that sparked between us were amazing, nothing else was like it* "Hey, if I win you, I'll let you help train the new girls...~"

Gardevoir: I understand, Mister Darkrai... let it be...

Darkrai: "I wish I could... I really do... but... Let me give you something, so you'll never forget..." *He took off her headphones, gave a passionate kiss, put the Gardium-Z on a black diamond chain, put it on her, then put the headphones back on her* "Whenever you feel down... grip the chain and remember me..."

Gardevoir: "Understood.... mister Darkrai" *I felt so... tired... so... tired*

Darkrai: "Rest on my body, my love... you'll need all your energy for tomorrow's training..." *I laid her on top of me by her back, hugging her and kissing her head* "Good night, my princess~"
*Her and I fell asleep in eachother's arms, a loving embrace that, even if separated, will never be forgotten*

Link to Lady Gardevoir's profile: http://hypnohub.net/user/show/20099
Argonis said:
Thank you. This is behind the scenes of the training of Auction House slaves.
"Training", or "tender, loving sex"?
The world may never know.
This reinforces the fact in my mind that I am very bad at rp, anyway.
TalahDarkfang said:
"Training", or "tender, loving sex"?
The world may never know.
This reinforces the fact in my mind that I am very bad at rp, anyway.
I've been RPing for a year, so I kinda know what I'm doing...
killerdarkrai said:
I've been RPing for a year, so I kinda know what I'm doing...
I've done DnD style games quite a bit for a few years, but always as the Dungeon master, not to mention my style of running it is "Here's the jist of the situation, what are you gonna do?"
So, yeah, I'm not the best at RPing, but I'm apparently fairly good at running games.
(Off topic though, sorry bout that.)
Triple: um you do know she is my girlfriend Im not the biggest fan of romantic fan fiction of other people with her
111 said:
Triple: um you do know she is my girlfriend Im not the biggest fan of romantic fan fiction of other people with her
111 said:
Triple: um you do know she is my girlfriend Im not the biggest fan of romantic fan fiction of other people with her
Awww, Twip is jelly <3
111 said:
Triple: um you do know she is my girlfriend Im not the biggest fan of romantic fan fiction of other people with her
Be fair and share :P
just imagine you would be the protagonist there ^^