Eye Preferences?
I've always been interested in the eye effects that portray hypnosis and MC.

I wanted to know what people here interested in.

Please leave posts telling of your preferences in eye effects.

I like effects that keep the irises and don't overlap or remove them. I think that when the irises are present in an H/MC image the characters appear to be more expressive. It also looks more natural to me.

Interested in reading what you all are interested in.
For me, the classical Spiral Eyes will always be one of the hottest ways to say, "I am now hypnotized..."
I enjoy quite of bit of types of eyes, but my favorites are empty, dazed, and...
Heart Eyes all the way, best paired with an adorably blank expression revealing no thoughts other than the sheer joy of trance itself.
It depends on the image. For more cartoon like images, spiral eyes work. With more realistically drawn characters, empty eyes or whitewash eyes work.
I prefer empty or whitewash eyes, but I'm fine with heart and spiral eyes too.
anonymind said:
It depends on the image. For more cartoon like images, spiral eyes work. With more realistically drawn characters, empty eyes or whitewash eyes work.
For the animu style especially, I've never really found spirals eyes a good mix, mostly because in actual works they're almost always used to signify confusion rather than trance.

Heart eyes are fine with me, although I'm not that big on the concept of forced affection that they imply in these circles at times.

Empty eyes are muh jam. I guess I just like the idea of removing overt emotion from interactions (I just can't get over the irrationality of them I guess). Not really bothered if the iris is preserved or not, as that can be used to represent different levels of trance depth.

Also, I guess eyes with various symbols/colours can be kind of fun if the premise has different control methods, controllers or the like.

Finally, glowing eyes are exclusively for doms, fight me.
Rings eyes forever.
Shit, is no one here a fan of glowing eyes ? Personally, I only like MC images when there's an overt sign of control - and, for me, "overt" means "more than just normal eyes that are maybe emptied of color". I don't really like spiral/ring eyes either, mostly because it feels cartoony, as others have said. Kaa eyes are overused in my opinion.

So in other words, I only really like glowing eyes, though I don't mind heart eyes, shrunken irises, whitewash (in certain cases), and just overall modification.
I have to say glassy, not really empty. Just like unfocused and glazed over. It's what I use in pretty much all my stories.
I like ring eyes with Kaa eyes being a good example. I like it when the size of the rings and colour of them fluctuates. I'm also a big fan of the use of the colour pink in things like spiral eyes, empty eyes, heart eyes, etc.
The finest eye effect is no eye effect, just letting the expression speak for itself. Second best is completely covering the eyes, as in for instance with a visor or by just having them be closed. Most of the rest I still like, I just don't have strong preferences beyond those two. No black and white spirals though, please - for whatever reason, those look more garish than even the most colourful Kaa eye effects.
It's context-based for me - there's specific kinds of trances that I tend to associate witha specific eye-style.

Spiral eyes are kind of the go-to for complete, blank obedience, but sometimes (when there's tech involved) I like the whitewash eyes as well.

Blank eyes are also good for emotionless trances.

Then there's eye effects that I associate with specific types of trance - for example, due to the influence of the Jungle Book, I will never not associate colored-ring eyes with happy-but-unaware trances. Heart eyes are the obvious choice for love and "horny" trances.
I'm a fan of glowing eyes in conjunction with shrunken irises. Gives a very focused look, as though the controller is taking a very active role in stealing their will

Second place would be ring eyes, or specifically concentric-circle eyes. Can't particularly say why, just gives a very orderly feel to the trance. Having the rings confined to the iris is nice, but going beyond that is cool too

After that, I think a static symbol in the eyes would be my third favorite. Adds a personal flavor to it, so long as said symbol is something unique
Glowing pink eyes with heart designs, all the way
If the context it is not suited for those, maybe glazed-over or Kaa ones
Ring eyes here.
It depends, but I usually go for empty, glowing, whitewash, or combinations of them.
My favorite are the wide blank anime-style mind control eyes. Least favorite is definitely spirals, since it's just too goofy for me.
I think there is just something incredibly hot about shrunken irises, like a person being reduced to have one single-minded purpose and nothing else.
I very consistenly like spiral eyes~ but I can't say I'm too picky, they're all really nice.
For me it's all context based like someone else said.

Well, context-based tied to behavior.

I like half-closed ring eyes, or pulsating eyes for things like groggy, sleepy, behavior with their mouth hanging open or drooling and swaying and stumbling around.

I like swirls for similar-types of things for when a girl is "loopy", stumbling, dizzy, or what not, usually helped with a big vapid smile on her face.

And for being stiff, rigid, mindless and strictly robot-like, I like shrunken iris's, or dots.

Though honestly sometimes mixing and matching is fine, sometimes glowing, sometimes empty, or just a gradient is fine, too. I mean, it sometimes depends on context for me, but it doesn't always HAVE to. Sometimes I just like mixing it up, or going with what likes for a particular picture.

But recently, I feel like there's one more rare, older variant that is pretty underrated and not often used that I have been liking more lately. I don't entirely know how to describe it other than it's like a broken or fragmented plus sign.


Like so.

I've come to appreciate this one lately and think it looks good when the subject is robot-like, stiff and being controlled like a robot perhaps.

One recent example was when I used it here:

I think i'd like to see this one at least make somewhat of a comeback.
Eyes following a swinging object is always good.
I actually ran a poll over on my DA about just this. I thought the results were pretty interesting: https://black--wave.deviantart.com/journal/poll/7012981/
I feel like it depends on the mood I'm in, depends on the context, and on what you're trying to show the hypnotist doing to the subject's mind.

Right now, though, I like having the sub's eyes "moving", with either spirals or rings during the induction, or at least as long as the sub is being mesmerized by something, but then solidifying or coalescing into something simple or a symbol of some sort for as long as the sub is in trance. Or possibly an eye effect for when the sub is out of trance but under suggestions.