Black--Wave said:
I think that if one person finds the tag so hurtful that they decide they can't be a part of the site anymore, it's probably a safe bet that they're not the only ones who have an issue with it. And it's not hard to see why, yes? The implication of that title is that people with a certain look are inherently deceitful and out to get you. I don't think changing the name of the tag to... I don't know, "effeminate_male" or something would be much of a problem for everyone else. It just seems to me that everyone could get what they want here with a bit of harmless compromise.
The trap tag does not refer to any real life people. It's an anime archetype. Us using the tag does not mean that we think people who crossdress or people who are trans are "traps". That's not the meaning of the tag. It's the same way most people don't actually call little girls "lolis" in real life.

We've been working for some time on figuring out how to redesign the "transgender" tag, because people left over that tag before, and at least that we understand the issue. We're not insensitive to people's feelings, but at the same time, we're not going to make major changes just because has a feeling about something that differs from our own and wants to leave over it.