Astral said:
"Traps" don't exist and the tag should be retired. "Crossdressing" tag is sufficient in the same way that, say, we don't have "lime_eyes" and "jade_eyes," just "green_eyes".

Saying 'trap doesn't refer to real people' disappears the very real history of queer panic being used as a defense for murder. It isn't even an 'anime archetype,' it's a 4chan meme.

If you absolutely must, use otokonoko, which doesn't associate itself with deception or stigma.

Is empathy really at this much of a premium here?

I would add: "it's used everywhere" is no defense. I can think of plenty of words that were once "used everywhere" that we now overwhelmingly agree are not acceptable discourse.
This is true.... to an extant.
While there have been words that were used plenty of that are used less, some people still use them, albeit sparely.

The term "Trap" on the other hand, is still used by quite a bit of people.
Also, by stating it's a 4chan meme, you're literally saying a meme is offensive.

Astral said:
Is Empathy really at this much premium here?
aaaaand I can't stop myself

This is a site for hypno fetish. Many of the pics are by technicality, non-consensual.
If people want to be offended over a tag then let them, but... what does murder charges have to do with a fucking TAG. That doesn't even make any sense!

There plenty of people who like "traps".

Let me just say this: Is there anyone here who actually have a legitimate reason to be offended by the tag?

And one last thing to mention... I meant not be Transsexual or homosexual, but there is one thing I am

There are plenty of people on the web who still use it to refer to people in a negative light.
Does it feel bad?
At times, a little, but overtime I've come to actually laugh at the jokes, to go with the punches.

Blacklisting is a goddamn thing, and if someone can't but be offended, then they should get off the internet and go lay in their safe space.

Rant. Over.