androgynous refers to a character that has either both masculine and feminine features or neither, such that it is difficult to tell their sex. crossdressing is for characters wearing clothes usually worn by the other sex. Neither of which is the exact same as trap, which specifically refers to a very feminine-looking male character, usually crossdressing (though it's not required), framed in such a way that it is very difficult to tell at first glance that you are looking at a biologically male character.

It's also, as many have pointed out, a very specific fetish that people have. I understand that sometimes terms need to change. We did away with the "sissy" tag because of that, and replaced it with the "feminization" tag, which was better anyway, since it more accurately described the tag. But, I just don't see the same logic applying to the trap tag. It's not as easy to just replace it with some other tag, since the term "trap" is so widely used, and I don't think it's good to remove it, since it's the only tag that fits that particular fetish.

As for the particular complaints I've seen here, I feel like there are some meanings and connotations being forced onto the tag that no one here actually means.