EoD said:
Traps don't exist yes. Outside of anime. And if what I've read is correct, the tag is only used in the context of what it would mean in anime. Besides, crossdressing and trap are not interchangeable.

Lastly the point of tags is that you can use them to tell what an image contains, and to find related images. Tags need to be recognizeable to work, and I had to google what otokonoko meant.
'Traps' don't exist period. Otokonoko exist, usually in anime and occasionally in real life. Crossdressers and trans folk exist in real life and occasionally in anime.

The word is disrespectful. It is a slur. GLAAD lists it as defamatory language in its media guide. We don't use *racial* slurs as tags.

I can think of no reason for it to continue to be used and several great ones not to; the grim spectre of having to Google a word is not, to my mind, a sufficient argument.

Mindwipe said:
As for the particular complaints I've seen here, I feel like there are some meanings and connotations being forced onto the tag that no one here actually means.
The word has those connotations whether you are using it "that way" or not. People don't get to decide that a word stops being a slur.