TalahDarkfang said:
If they seem to be the only one taking issue, then it's their problem, not everyone else's.
If they want to take their art down over it, that's also their choice and we have to live with it.
I took it as offensive, which is why I am on the DNP list as well. It is not just one artist. - The lack of control over ones own works and how that work is displayed upon this site is a major problem for me.

As Astral above said, it **is** a slur. Some people just really do not want to be associated with that sort of thing. I myself am fully female, but I find it unpleasant due to having many trans friends that would be hurt by the word. So if I draw a character that is transgender, the issue is, I will **not** let them be marked as 'trap', 'futa', etc if that is not what they are.