Help with lyrics?
Hi everyone, so I know we all got into this kink accidentally from things we saw when we were younger, The Jungle Book most obviously. There's another source I remembered too, and don't laugh:

Professor Coldheart from Care Bears. And it's just one line from his song:

Here are the lyrics:

Allow me to introduce myself
They call me Professor Coldheart
I'm cold and cruel and crafty
But wait! Here comes the best part

I'll freeze your feelings cold as ice
And kill your cares, ooh, that sounds nice!
So listen, here's some sound advice, be smart-
Don't mess with the Professor!

C-c-c-c-clever Coldheart!

I've heard you've been complaining
There's no need to cry or whine
I'll refrigerate those feelings
Ooh, I've found you just in time!

**My icy stare can hypnotize**
My chiling thoughts can paralyze
I knew we'd get along right from the start
Don't mess with the Professor!

C-c-c-c-clever Coldheart!

Don't mess with the Professor!

So it's more his song and that line while he does a hypnotic stare that's interesting, rather than the character. So I was thinking of coming up with a new character with a silly name, like Mr. Mindwipe or Mr. Brainwash, whose theme is mental domination rather than freezing feelings. And I was wondering if anyone had ideas for changing up the lyrics?

Also of course wondering if anyone else got the same vibe when they first saw it.
I do this sort of thing with Kenny all the time, when I can't come up with a new song from scratch. It's actually not too hard to make new lyrics if you just keep the rhyming conventions and rhythm of the song in mind. Give it a try, can't hurt :)
Tricky... "the professor" has a lot of syllables. Alternative maybe: "the Love Master" to keep it corny, or I just realised that "hypnotist" has the same amount of syllables.

While I get the idea, I don't think that prof. Coldheart lends himself to a very hypnotising song. The harsh clacking consonants for instance, the rhythm, just doesn't get me :T
So here's a straight rewrite into Professor Warpheart:


I may or may not attempt a less lazy version for Mr. Brainwash (or similar) later.
That's pretty good. I thought of some others.

Here's one:

"My magic stare can hypnotize
making colors in your eyes
now just keep staring and you'll see
how colorful your eyes can be!"

And another one, in which I realized we can call him "Mr. Brainfreeze"!

"My icy stare can mesmerize!
My chilling thoughts can paralyze!
All combined to hypnotize!
With frosty swirls in your eyes!"

Some variations on that:

"My icy stare can hypnotize
My chilling thoughts can paralyze
The frosty swirls in your eyes
Show me that you're mesmerized!"

"My icy stare can hypnotize
My chilling thoughts can paralyze
Now your eyes are mesmerized
Filled with frosty swirls!"