Servant Foreigner - a plot bunny
So, I dunno how many F/GO players we have on this board, but recently (ish - a month ago), a number of Foreigner-class Servants were released.

If you don't know what Servants are or what F/GO is, that's fine, most of it is irrelevant to this board anyway. Foreigner, however, has an interesting description for us as hypnofetishists:

"One who, upon encountering madness, embraces it; or one whose individuality, whose personality, is enhanced by madness, not destroyed by it. Someone who becomes other to humanity, but not other to who they were."

I think it might be cool to see something like that here. Something in between the total mind-rewrite/mindbreak and simple triggers; someone who certainly isn't immune to mind control, but rather finds it works in their favor.

There's a couple of images that I have in mind already - I can't track them down anymore, but concepts like "finding out the hard way that your love interest is a natural yandere", for example, is perfect for this.

Anyone else want to chip in? Recs or pics?
So essentially, these servants are reverse Berserkers?
Sort of. More like "mirror Berserkers" - they're similar entities, they still have the same core idea of "drawing power from madness," but where Berserkers are overwritten by madness, Foreigners claim that madness as their own.

(The examples are Abigail, who accepted Yog-Sothoth as her father and became an avatar of the Key and Gate and Guardian of the Gate; and Hokusai, who Cthulhu tried to make an avatar out of - but Hokusai rejected Cthulhu even as he embraced its power and alien viewpoint, because it Cthulhu was a crappy artist by his definition.)
F/GO stands for Fate/Grand Order. It's a free-to-play RPG based on the Fate/stay night franchise.

There, now everyone knows what you're talking about.