What part of hypnosis/mind control do you find most appealing?
This is something I've been wrestling with my own work, so, to put it differently, do you most enjoy seeing whatever the process of manipulation is as it takes control over the subject, or is what that control is used for that is most important to you, or is it something else entirely?
when the woman in control and the woman being controlled have sex
Grima180 said:
This is something I've been wrestling with my own work, so, to put it differently, do you most enjoy seeing whatever the process of manipulation is as it takes control over the subject, or is what that control is used for that is most important to you, or is it something else entirely?
This is a good question.
I guess for me I like the idea of someone's mind/personality being changed/manipulated. To have someone act a certain way they wouldn't normally act. Or to change their way of thinking entirely. The concept is fascinating to me.
The process, i always love the process.

Pendulum/Metronome Swininging or through voices alones.

The unfocused/blank/dull eyed female.

The Feeling of having actual control on somebody that you loves, Manipulating their mind, changing their mind, inserting trigger, harmless brainwashing, repating mantras, and most importantly i could actualy reset it.
The state of mind of the hypnotized/mc'ed person, and the evolution of said state of mind.

If it's consensual, it ain't mind control and is therefore shit.
Said it before.

Corruption twisting someone's core being into that is the opposite of what they were is just something I love.

And of course just the idea of leaving something lingering.

Easy to see what I like by what I write
Hard for me to say...

I tend to love sort of Mental Change/TF cliches, Like bimbos, maids, harem girls, Girly princess's ect.

I love to see the processes happen, and then the effects it has.
Two main things:

The helpless, sleepy, passive submission element, and the kind where it makes women enjoy being used, degraded and dehumanized.

It's not even that I much fantasize about inflicting the latter sorts of stuff on women, I just think it's hot when women want it. That's why most of my stuff is from the perspective of women. It's not really about the domination, it's more having fun watching the woman wallow in masochistic delight at what's happening to her.
Mindless, passive, helpless, unintelligent, unawareness.

Whether it's hypnosis, or sleepwalking, or just in some kind of altered state, I both find it hot and attractive, as well as also cute, adorable and incredibly innocent to see a character reduced to a walking vegetable, infant or zombie-like state of mind.

Though exactly how much of their mind I like to see gone and the way I like to see them behave varies depending on what I want to see or what i'm in the mood for at the time. As well as being absolutely fascinated by the psychology and specifics of that state.

Sometimes, I like them groggy, tired, stumbling, shambling, drunken, limp and/or wobbly.... and sometimes I like them stiff, rigid, jerky, zombie-walking and and totally empty. And sometimes various things in between. Sometimes I like to hear monotone syllable chanting, sometimes, sexy-sounding long, drawn out moans, groans and heavy breathing.

It all depends at the time.

Other things that turn me on when it comes to this are multiple characters around each other while having no idea what's going on or no concept of each other, and characters mindlessly interacting with each other, whether it's bumping into each other, or especially things like unintentionally touching or rubbing up on each other sexually.

But it's in that innocent sort of way where they have no way of knowing that the touching or rubbing up on each other they're doing is something to be embarrassed about or not. Whether it's touching, gentle rubbing, bumping, being pushed up together, groping, molesting or accidentally kissing, ect.

Or even if they're just being commanded to do it to each other and still have no understanding of what they're told to do. Even stripping or pulling each other's clothes off or having their own clothes pulled off.

Even though I like them to at least be aware of it on the most rudimentary level as to blush involuntarily, even if they don't understand why or what's going on.

Even just the idea that a bunch of characters are walking around hypnotized around each other and they have only the same level of understanding as infants or dumb animals, or like they're unconscious, but still walking around while drugged or hypnotized or whatever, the more there are in a group in close proximity, the cuter I think it is.

Like, in a situation where there were girls everywhere like this, I would probably have an undeniable urge to REALLY wanna see all their underwear, as i'm a fetishist for cute underwear as well as hypnosis. Or at least start cuddling and hugging.

I'm your basic, self-admitted voyeuristic pervert when it comes to this. Sexy cartoon characters and cute anime girls particularly.
Daphne Miller from Mind Control University put it better than I ever could.

"You are also a hypnofetishist.

It took you a while to realize this about yourself, but... In your mind, there is simply nothing hotter than the idea of taking an attractive person, and controlling, editing their mind until she is your adoring, loving slave."

Side note: as a Switch, it also works the other way around.
Sound reasoning and faulty premises lead to faulty conclusion.

Insert wild error at step 1 and watch hi-jinks ensue. Like this post #60265 . Hilarious.
Hmm, I can say I'm kinda thorned about this one

If we are speaking about the only realm of fantasy, I enjoy the power to do whatever I want to a person because her consciousness is completely gone. In this case, I enjoy seeing drones, robots, zombies, whitewashed puppets and so on, a person more similar to a computer than a real human (or animal) being. Also, I love to think about having absolutely no memory of what happened, except for the orders\triggers post-trance I gave to my victim. The only case when I enjoy hypnosis not involving blocking their consciousness is when you use hypnosis to make others (the victims) feel good (like this one that I love, even though I am a strict Dom and I don't enjoy the idea of having my mind controlled in any sort of way)

If we are speaking about a sorta fantasy that comes to the real world (like, I don't know, I invent a real mind control device through my research), in this regard I would act in a totally different way. In the real world, I simply don't have any sort of desire to others (both sexual and emotional), so to control another's one mind to make him do whatever I want... meh, it would be used just to have some sort of, how can I put it, material advantage that I cannot reach in other ways (like not paying a fine, having revenge to a person who betrayed me, etc...), or for punish people who I mark as bad, worthy of some negative karma strike. What I would do, however (or, better, what I am ALREADY doing with my hypnosis courses and practice I made at my University), is using my mind control\hypnosis power to shape another's one mind to help him\her overcome some sort of psychological obstacle they have.

For example, I made 3 sessions to a friend of mine to overcome her problems of religious education (she was raised in a Catholic school, a very strict one)blocking her to have specific sex acts (which she enjoyed, but her education blocked her to do them) with her boyfriend. Another one was a friend of another friend of mine, who couldn't think himself as capable to find a girlfriend; I made some sessions with him, followed with others specific training not involving hypnosis (just psychological counseling and some little advice on how to pick up girls), and now he regained a lot of confidence in himself. In this sort of scenarios, the ONLY difference I can find by having this "total control" is that I can shape another's person personality exactly as I want (right now, with only the "clinical hypnosis", such thing is completely impossible), and also that I can wipe her\his memory to not having them conscious of what I've done, making possible to me to act like a sort of "masked hero" of some sort.

So, in general, what I love about hypnosis is not the process, but the possibility of what you can do with it to another person's mind; but this "power" I could achieve fascinates me in a pure academical sense, for most of it at least; I would love to change another's one mind just to unlock another life scenarios I can observe, which primaries variables I've personally created myself. I would be like a sort of "god" who created humanity not to enslave them or to make what the hell I want, but just to look what sort of "movies" they will display to me by living the life I gave to them.

My thoughts pretty sums up Here
"You use your power to make cabbages that doesn't smell bad, while you could use your ray to take total control of the world"
"Yeah, I know. But the world is already full of so-called "Kings"... and not enough "Friends""
it's going to sound creepy as heck.... just bear in mind, its all just a fantasy, for me anyway

there are 2 parts for me

the first is the lack on control... without control, anything that happens is not your fault - had sex with a tentacle demon and enjoyed it? You get the enjoyment, but not the guilt

the 2nd part is the equal and opposite; an enthusiastic partner that can't say no, which aside from being creepy, means a safe environment to express oneself

I suppose there are a half a dozen other niche and overlapping elements, but those are the big ones.... even the power fantasies tend to go both ways, either having power over someone, or reversing the power that someone unjustly held over you