Custom hypno files commissions [Open]
So as the titles suggestion I offer custom audio files (or videos with customized spirals (using hypno-nimja and some editing if necessary) for commission.
I can take paypal payment or, if you're an artist, a commission of equal value.

Prices are as follow:
-Suggestion alone: 15$
-Induction: +5$ (short) +10$ (long, deepener included)
-Deepener: +5$
-Video with customized spiral: +15$ (can varie depending on the complexity of the spiral, if I just use one I already have it will be free of charge)

You may have seen some of my older sessions in the "Hypnosis Chat Session Collection" topic. I'm also on the discord server under the nickname "Kalaam"

What I offer is 1 or 2 direct voices session in order to find out how you react to my voice, what kind of induction and quirks works best for you. And several text/voice discussion about what will be in the actual file. Be it transformation, relaxation, fantasm, focus, etc... We will also discuss what parts will be included (induction, deepener, suggestion, wakener) in case you want to use it with other files for example.

Of course the file will be private and tailored to you, so I'll call you by your name/nick in it and it won't be shared.

I have one file that I can share to give you an example, it's just a suggestion+wakener:

This is a bimbofication file, lasting 1 hour or until interrupted.
I made this one for someone on a whim, took about 1h. (writing, recording, finding sounds, editing)

For visual examples, here is a test version of the one I use on most of my subs, my foxnoodles eyes:

That's about it. Wether you're an artist who wants custom files, or someone who want one tailored just for you. Contact me.

Edit: Added possibility to use monetary payment, and a rough price chart.
If anyone has simple ideas for sample files, test files etc. Feel free to leave some in the comments, along with feedback if you tried them.
A new file has been created, this one was a request from a friend.
It is an age regression file. That will turn you back into a small infant, a baby. Far from adulthood stress and responsability.

The file doesn't have induction or deepener. If you need one, use one that you like before.

Any feedback is welcomed, along with requests.
Can you take monetary payment yet?
It really depends. I think it may be too complex for me in the current situation. I don't know if getting paid on paypal would show up on my bank account for example.