"Tharja's Blog" is an erotic hypnosis story told in real time via Tumblr

Update 3: Tharja is currently updating! Go see what she's doing to a poor, helpless girl at the camp as we speak. X) I really struggled to get this one done on time due to other things going on in my life, but I'm so happy to have come in just before the deadline! Hope you all enjoy it. Time for me to go work on next month's update!

Update 2: We got a late start this month due to a delayed Patreon payment, but this month's update is finally ready to go! Look for it tomorrow, 6/26, starting around 7:20 PM Eastern US, and continuing until Tharja is done with her mischief. It's a smaller sequence than last time, but there will be some extra goodies in the days afterward, so make sure you're following the blog! That'll be sure to please the dark witch. XD

Update 1: Hi everyone, excited to announce that the first major update to this blog project will take place tomorrow, starting around 8 PM Eastern US time and unfolding over the following hours as Tharja takes us through some sexy mind control mischief starring the first of many future victims~. I've been hard at work on this all month, so I'm thrilled to see where it goes. Feedback for me, and questions or comments for Tharja are welcome!

Original: I was struck awake by this idea in the middle of the night more than a month ago, and now it's finally coming to reality. This blog will follow the adventures of the popular Fire Emblem dark mage Tharja (albeit in a more modern setting) as she controls, corrupts, and humiliates each of her potential rivals for the affections of her group's tactician. You can visit Tharja's Tumblr page now to see what she's been up to, follow to keep up with her naughty antics in real time, or even ask her questions to amuse or annoy her (just don't blame me if you get hexed~).

If you like this project, and would like to help keep it going, or if you'd like to check out other exciting projects I'm trying to get off the ground, please check out my Patreon page:

What if we want to be hexed and/or enslaved , Mr Black Wave, sir?
No promises, but all questions are welcome! Give it a shot and see what happens. ;)
Good luck with this~
Oooo, This certainly looks like it's gonna be good.
TheSpoon said:
Good luck with this~
Thanks, I'm just hoping people keep responding so well so I can keep it running. =D

Kachopper9 said:
Oooo, This certainly looks like it's gonna be good.
I think it's gonna be good, if I do say so myself!
Thank you to everyone who's asked Tharja a question so far. You all are keeping the blog going while I work on the first major plot development, which will consist of around 15 text-accompanied images posted over the course of a few hours. Keep the questions coming! Onward! =D