Tutorials for manipping
So I've just gotten photoshop and want to learn how to do some really basic manipping stuff; I intend to start off with something easy like glowing eyes. But I don't really know the first thing about manipping, and I can't find any tutorials on the subject. If someone could link some here - if there are any - that'd be great, otherwise I'm open to suggestions as to how I should go about learning to manip.
I don't fancy myself as an expert in this stuff, but I have some tips.

First - Pencil, various Brushes and Zoom are your friends and are very useful for making empty eyes - just fill 'white' spots in eyes with color.

Second - Lasso Selection is much better than Freeform Path in terms of selecting, let's say, eyes. After that just Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V them as another layer and do whatever you want.

Third - Basic glowing is applied through Right-Clicking on layer and choosing Blending Options. There are a lot of stuff there, but in low-level manipping Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Color Overlay and Gradient Overlay are the most useful.

Fourth - It's a good idea to google a Heart-Pack for your Custom-Shape tool, so you would be able to do more... let's say, artistic heart-eyes.

Fifth - Google how to create a Fog Brush and use it if you want to add some steam or gas.

Sixth - Glowing is your friend, especially Outer Glow, when you are adding captions. It makes text much easier to read.

Seventh - You can add extra-space for big captions by using Canvas Size in Image.

Eighth - Spot-Healing Tool is very useful to covering app minor mistakes or removing censoring. But be careful with it.

Everything else could be googled when you'll need it.

Good luck.