There are a few low key hypno events in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and its sequel Hacker's Memory.

There's more than one case of possession when a Digimon became partly merged with a human's data avatar, driving them into more base actions like Mephisto's attempt to steal people's account data.

One of the main villains Jimiken was given equipment by a bigger threat so that his rock music and music videos contained subliminal messages to build up his audience with brainwashed fanatics.

There are some more that are a little spoilery, but one of the best examples comes from Hacker's Memory. One of the hacker organizations that formed in EDEN is known as "Dreamin'". They found a way to hypnotize people in cyberspace (revealed to be because of the Digimon Phantomon). They would lure people to "special events" and hypnotize them into handing over their account information, such as bank accounts and the like.

You run into a pair of their victims, their eyes are glazed and they speak in a monotone about the "dreams" they've been given by Dreamin'. Your character briefly falls under it, ending up in a white void with one of your female friends professing their love for you. Though you get snapped out of it quickly thanks to Yuugo and his Machinedramon.