Zermelane said:
I've been playing through Changed. It's brutally difficult, heavily fetishy, and generally shoddy. Also the language is thick Engrish throughout (minus some bits that the translator missed completely).

But it's fun! And cute. And the fetish in question (furry latex TF) is somewhat MC-adjacent, and there are a few scenes with straightforward MC components. It's definitely a game where losing is fun. I figured there are probably enough furries here that it's worth throwing out a recommendation.

(Also, this game is very prior-confirming for me because it's both heavily focused on a niche fetish *and* basically squeaky clean. Okay, so it has this animation in it, but that animation stood out to me because most of the time the game doesn't go anywhere that near to anything that looks like a sex act.)
Somebody better tell Eagle then