Movement: Initiation (A CYOA)
Hey guys and gals, I'm running an MC-related CYOA over here:

It's based on an original fantasy universe where you're part of a cult wanting to spread a goddess' name to other people...well, so long as you don't fall prey to your own goddess!

Anyway, it's f/f, head on over and check it out if you like; vote...whatever! Have fun! I'll see you there.
Done for the day! We'll be going again 10pm BST next Sunday!
Once again, we'll be going live in an hour! Turns out I mis-timed it...but whatever!
Ten minutes, and we're going again!
Once more, with feeling!

Starting this session a bit late, but nonetheless, come midnight (in about 15 mins) we're rolling Movement again!
And again, about half an hour to go until the next session...I feel like I should be putting up images in these threads, but I don't think that's a thing, is it?

Anyway, come join in if you like!