How to download higher resolution images.
Recently some of the images I've uploaded have been getting replaced by higher quality versions, although I always try to find the highest quality,

Usually, I click the link on the images source and then open a new tab for it (clicking to enlarge the image and get the best resolution)

That's the way I've always done it, however lately a certain poster seems to have pulled some internet magic and somehow keeps finding higher quality despite nothing I do being able to achieve the same result.

So I just have to ask, Is there just some process I'm not aware of?

Is there some program I need to download to enhance images?

Because at this rate, why should I bother uploading at all, clearly someone else is better for the job and its frustrating to keep watching the images you upload get deleted.
If you're downloading images from Tumblr, you have to change the image url to get to the original, unoptimised version. Tumblr always optimises the images uploaded. To find the original file, go the url of the image, then change "https" to "http", "" to "data" and "1280" (or what ever other number is at the end) to "raw".

Change this to:

Other websites might have similar processes but Tumblr is the only one I'm familiar with at this time.
Well, That's certainly a big help to know, thank you very much.
bugmenot said:
For future reference, when downloading images from twitter replace the ":large" at the end of the url with ":orig". It's still obviously resized/compressed despite them calling it the original version, but it's better than what they usually give you.

Generally speaking, you want to check if the artist uploaded it to any other website because twitter destroys the image quality. In this case, I found a better version on their tumblr here.

To download source quality images from tumblr, find the url for the image you want to download then change https to http, to data, and 1280 to raw.
So would become .