Commissions OPEN
Hey guys, Bspoken here... Off and on creator for the hub!

My biggest problem when it comes to drawing is finding motivation. I don't really wanna do it all that often. I LOVE drawing and creating art... but the drive just isn't there unless there is an outside force motivating me... A special someone, a particular contest/event, etc.

SO. What I've decided... as a way to get me into a schedule... as well as to MAYBE get some attention/income... I'll be opening comissions, as a few people have already asked me to do!

It doesn't have to be MC related... but that is of course, my biggest kink, so that helps~
I won't do scat, vore, nor gore. Watersports is fine, I guess. Lobotomy is out of the question (Lobotomies aren't a form of mind control, try and change my mind).
HOWEVER! I am perfectly fine with loli, shota, futa, furry or any combination. Other than that, I don't have very many limits... so feel free to ask!

I don't have a dedicated price sheet... so my prices would be by a case by case basis... Contact me at:

Instagram (I post a lot of art here): bspokendraws
Just DM me/post a reply! :D