Fighting the Urge to Shitpost
It's nearly daily now that I see at least one pic that I just wanna fuck around with and make shitty memes of.
I'm not saying they are all terrible, its just, well hypnosis stuff is just SO easy for me to make jokes about!
I've only done this for one pic so far, (Here's the link if you wanna see, Nexus Light made the original, )

I get the feeling I would become a nuisance here pretty fast if I indulged myself, but I am still curious, has many others done this?

BTW No I am not saying I would post all my shitty memes all over the hub, if anything just make stupid joke in the comments and Link it, if even that.
Sounds like a fun endeavor. Just don't let it get out of hand and no one should be too bent out of shape about it.

Though I can only speak for myself.
Okay I'll be honest that did make me laugh. I think it stays a matter of personal preference, but I'd prefer people ask before they make a meme out of my stuff -- even if it perfectly lends itself for it.

When in doubt, ask first, or keep it private? Like on a closed discord server maybe.
I did a Klondike bar joke in a manip once, many years ago back when my manip abilities were roughly equal to that of a chimpanzee furiously trying to destroy a keyboard using the mouse. No idea where it went off to, but it was basically using a Klondike bar on a string as a pendulum.
I fully support your shitposting
Top ten sexiest characters who haven't been posted in hypnohub yet:
1: The noid
MingusKingus said:
Top ten sexiest characters who haven't been posted in hypnohub yet:
1: The noid
. . . .
Just make a forum for it
Awake-san: I'm sorry Hypno-tan, but you said the n word.