Considering writing short storyish comments on pics.
So, earlier today I made a short story comment on this picture:

I figured "I don't write enough, I don't really have a presence here, and I have a bit of a stamina issue when writing and would like to do some short bits that can build my stamina up, so let's try and change that.

I reckon I will offer to write a short storyish comment for a pic of your choice. You can see a example of the sort of short thing I mean above.

Few notes:

I have to like the pic. There's no hard or soft limit on this, but I do need to feel like I can do something with it. Ok there is one hard limit, I won't do this for Shota or Loli pics.

I will try and do at least two paragraphs as the example pic shows.

This will be absolutely free, but I withhold the right to not do every single one posted here.

I ain't as good as some of the other writers here, and I can't guarantee my writing will be quality. I will bring my all to it, but if you don't like it, I'm sorry it was not enough.
Ainsley said:
done, done and done. hope it is to your liking.
Wow, that was fast xD. Thank you very much.

>Excerpt from the Journal of Hypnoscience, petplay edition.
I love that xD
Did the first two, unlikely to do the third since i don't know much about the char involved. Hope the two of those are liked though.
the former seemed to have a few ideas already, but since the latter had no comments i will happily oblige.
Oh I have fun doing the same thing now and then.
Imasuky said:
Oh I have fun doing the same thing now and then.
I have seen you do some before, and I quite enjoy them. You do good work. (:

In my case however, I don't tend to write as much as I would like, and have little to no experience in sexual matters, so this works as a form of practice I suppose. Don't read as much as I used to either, though I've been rectifying that recently and reading classics on on my phone. Currently partway though Dracula.
awww I missed this
Can we get a tag so that I don't miss out on great stories under pics I wouldn't normally take a look at? I've always wanted to read such comments.

You might consider to put your story behind spoiler-tags to make scrolling through comments more pleasant.

Will take a shot and put one of my own in here
Wow a lot of requests in one day. 0-0 will get to some of them as soon as possible.

Did these ones: (i know jack shit about Dangenrompa so hope it works) (actualy played this, good game, highly recommend. Spoilers in my comment sadly, will mark in a sec.)

and finally
Feel free to go nuts on any of the posts featuring me
CorruptionPrincess said:
Feel free to go nuts on any of the posts featuring me
Done one for this pic, since it seems to have a fair few ocs and be a cool idea:
Apparently I'm a sucker for a good blissed out face: