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Reupload attempt - Arashidrgn
It's possible someone here recognizes this name, I dunno.

I have been trying to reupload a few older captions, but twice now the images have been taken down almost immediately. The original artists (strype) was sited as blacklisted, which they are not as far has hypnohubs rules list. additionaly they have other images and manips already on the site. Since the take has no indication as to which admin took the image down, and no other explanation was given via site-mail or otherwise, I'm taking to the forums for a response.
they're blacklisted, meaning you cant upload anything of theirs. end of story
You were uploading a pic that the artist specifically wanted off the site.
that's why they were taken down.
I looked at the DNP list, and there is no mention of a "strype" anywhere.
Argonis said:
You were uploading a pic that the artist specifically wanted off the site.
that's why they were taken down.
Any allusion to the artist having problems with the image we're mentioned by me as part of the upload. At the time *6 years ago* the artist contacted me dirrectly through private messages on unaffiliated sites, and I had the images taken down for respect to the artist. Since it has been so long (this would be back when 'hypnohub' was an image board) I decided it'd be enough time to reload the images.

in this post Vandrill said the artist contacted him and asked for this post to be taken down
If you can give us some proof that the artist changed his mind about this post then i would be glad to bring it back.
The reference to 'the artist' in this thread, I would assume, is talking about myself since at the time I was the one that made the original takedown request. To my knowledge Strype has not made any contact with the site or its administration; although, obviously I can't attest to PMs.

I can see the ambiguity here. From your view I could just be making things up. I'm not sure if you can see the original take down request or who made it. If not I would of course prefer the image be hosted, but that's out of my hands.


Since the issue appears to only be with this particular image I have to ask if I will have similar issues uploading other manips by Strype.
i'll go ahead and take your word for it and bring the post back.
arashidrgn said:
Thank you.
No problem anytime.

issue been fixed and locking this thread.