08/30/23 10:27PM
Looking for two old Sleepymaid pictures that are gone from the internet (Futa, loli)
Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

I'll cut to the chase; I'm looking for a couple of pictures Sleepymaid once drew, that were hosted here for a long while until the "no explicit loli/shota" rule was put in effect (a rule which I have no issues with, since it keeps the site afloat).

The sequence is two pictures where, in one, a pair of futas hypnotize a pair of younger girls, and in the other, the girls are hypnotizing the futas. Both of them have an "earlier..." box on the top left.

Unfortunately, this picture seemed to only exist here, and has been completely erased from the internet after Sleepymaid deleted all of her loli/shota images. I'm not looking for it to be reuploaded, but if anyone has the pictures in question, I would appreciate a quick DM. I wish I could offer some kind of bounty, but I can't.

Thanks to anyone willing to help

Mods, please don't take this down for at least like a day lol
08/30/23 11:23PM
sent you the pics in your inbox
08/31/23 10:02AM
GG said:
sent you the pics in your inbox

if you don't mind, could I get a drop as well of them? Thanks in advance!
09/01/23 03:39AM
Can I get them also please

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