09/13/23 08:09PM
Do you like only hypnosis type kinks here or are you less esoteric than that?
09/13/23 08:42PM
I'm what I've dubbed a psymicon. That means I generally only like hypnosis and things pertaining to it.

I may be into certain forms of mind control and brainwashing depending on how much potential they yield in the fluidity of their particular form of influence.

09/14/23 03:21AM
Most of my kinks are adjacent but the one that's least adjacent is two (or more I guess) people who are so into each other, their connection transcends the definition of love or lust and they want to collapse their bodies into each other like they're making a fucking black hole.
09/14/23 08:04PM
The site is explicitly hypnosis only, so any upload that doesn't have hypnosis will be removed. But clearly, the userbase has some more variation than that.

I like submission and bondage and degradation play. I'd like just as much to be the hypnosubject as the hypnotist.
09/18/23 03:50AM
I find my hypnosis and mind control kinks act as accents or add variety to existing M/s or d/s kinks. My lean is more to mind control/brainwashing but there’s usually a niche for every interest. Large communities don’t grow up around forums like they did in the 2010s, but you grow to recognize some returning faces.

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