10/17/23 04:51PM
Roleplay Thread
So, this is my attempt at starting a thread for people searching people to roleplay with. Considering people might want to roleplay, we can message people privately, and have profile with faves so you can see what people like. I thought it be a neat idea to have a dedicated thread for roleplay offers. So here it is!
I'm unsure of how active this will be, if it will be active at all. But we'll see if it thrives or dies in the sea of threads.

Anyway! If you're looking to do a roleplay, feel free to post it here! Personally would like to say it doesn't have to be hypno related, but I'm not a mod so uh... I'm not sure if there are "topic rules" surrounding that.
10/17/23 05:18PM
First RP post in this thread as well; At the moment I'm looking to do something involving me and Astolfo.
For the hypno fans it could be some based around Where we become hooked to something and basically become mindless drones
or something like If you're more of a dom.

Though I'm also open for transformations (animal, feet, etc). Just really in the mood at the moment for Astolfo stuff.
DM me on here if interested
10/17/23 08:30PM
i'n sure this thread is going to be long lasting and active, considering it was not made by me, but considering it's a roleplay thread i'm not so sure if people are gonna want to comment here
10/21/23 10:23PM
i'm just gonna let this post ferment into a delicious sauerkraut but if anyone wants to make an rp with this pic as the starter dm me
10/26/23 09:18PM
11/01/23 01:26PM
Open to an rp similar to this pic:

I'd love to hypnotize a fem or femboi. We can work out the details in dms :)
11/09/23 05:33AM
I'd love to get an rp started with anyone who's interested! My kinks includes ass eating, ass jobs, anal, facefucking, facials, blowjobs, excessive cum, titfucking, groping, fingering, spanking, abuse, degradation, choking, hair pulling, wholesome, romance, feet and armpits. I also have some more taboo kinks of anyone's interested, and feel free to look through my favs too to see what I'm into.

My limits are scat, farting, beasiality (except for horses lol), piss, and smegma. <3
11/12/23 09:59PM
since this is roleplay thread i found it appropriate to plug my rp server come give it a try it's got all of the cool features
11/20/23 12:35AM
Looking for Himbofication RP
I’d like to be himbofied in a role play here, if anyone would be interested. Humiliation, muscle growth, body control, stuff of that caliber. The details can be worked out as we go. Shoot me a message if you’re interested!
11/28/23 06:48AM
Hello there! This site is filled with so many amazing RP starters! I'll list a few of my favorites. Message me if you want to try any of these.

This gif of a vampire peach has me craving an RP where as Peach I bite and change all the princesses in the Mario games into loyal sexy vamps, perahs girls from other games after that.

Bimbofaction is a huge kink of mine and here are some great possible starters. I'm more than willing to help you turn into a sexy sluty huge tited whore.

I love the idea of corrupted vocaloids, like this one where everyone seems to have become demonic and erotic versions of themselves

Or maybe this one where a pink infection is changing everyone is sexy ways.

11/29/23 07:39AM
Hello everyone, I'm looking to potentially do some role play with me as a femboy/mtf sub as well as potentially chat too. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.

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