10/28/23 08:26PM
does anyone here actually likes overwatch for non porn reasons
i'm asking this because i genuinely don't know if there's anyone who actually likes overwatch for the game
10/28/23 09:46PM
I've honestly never played the game nor do I ever intend to
But I actually REALLY like the lore behind the game and wish more would be done with it
10/28/23 11:17PM
As an enjoyer of normal sports, I thought the League was novel and the idea of making it a touring event series was exciting, even though it lost its position on traditional TV. But then the pandemic happened and AB gonna AB so I lost interest.

Despite all that I think that's technically a "no" XD
10/29/23 12:13AM
I loved it for a while, but various changes killed it for me, and I am disinterested in rejoining a game run by a company who, at the peak of when I loved them, was engaged in terrible behavior sufficient as to soil memories of what I once loved.

Doesn't help that the game STILL hasn't gotten to actually telling the stories it hints at, like, whatsoever, leaving EVERYTHING to fanfic, at which point some of that's gonna be smutty, and at that point, we may as well have some fun.
10/29/23 12:30AM
I do not like the franchise outside of porn.
If overwatch was a different genre then a hero shooter then maybe i would be interested but as it is it does not hold my interest.

The porn on the other hand now that holds a lot of my interest.
10/29/23 01:20AM
Nope, never owned or played it, love the porn though
10/29/23 02:02AM
This is gonna be a minority opinion but I kinda think it's fun. Probably because I haven't touched Overwatch 1 before and have no expectation going in. I also only played unranked for now.
10/30/23 12:12AM
I actually do very much enjoy it, it is fun to pop in and play. Don't enjoy when people in the community treat it like some professional sport and feel the need to shit on you if you have a bad game, but that's pretty much every toxic community.

I also don't like people blowing stuff way out of proportion on twitter.
10/30/23 05:05AM
I used to play the game and enjoy it, but both the community and Blizzard ruined it for me. I especially dislike OW2.

So I just enjoy the porn, now.
10/30/23 07:29PM
Its the most fun me and my friends can have on an online multiplayer currently.

We have vastly different taste, but overwatch just works for us.
10/30/23 07:40PM
Hypnokingoverlord said:
But I actually REALLY like the lore behind the game and wish more would be done with it

See, here's where I think the fans are generally incorrect: the game is not obligated to tell you a story and that's by design. It does need to tell you how and why the characters got there and why at this location, but the narrative ends the instant the game literally and figuratively starts. TF2 is the obvious comparison to make, but I think another useful example is fighting games.

Could they do more with the lore? I'm 1 degree of separation from the team behind Arcane, of course they could, but the already existing lore serves its intended purpose and that's all the game has to do.
10/31/23 02:08AM
I have a few hundred hours in Overwatch 2 at this point. I enjoy it a lot more than when they first switched over from Overwatch 1 last year.
10/31/23 06:49AM
I played the first Overwatch since I got it for free (thanks Wario64). The game was a lot of fun even if the game was very unbalanced. Shield characters can stomp a whole game, but you can kill them with counterpicks and good coordination. I never touched competitive, but the Arcade modes were a lot of fun.
I tried the beta for OW2 and later on the full game. What soured my taste was how Blizzard did not balance the game any better. Changing character abilities might have been to put newcomers at an even playing field with veterans, but they weren't changed enough to close the skill gap.
As for the lore, I did not pay attention to it outside of a few voicelines. It's a shame the PvE mode was cancelled. I played OW1 right before the content drought, so the impact didn't hit me as hard, but it did eventually.
The first game was a lot of fun. It becomes obvious some characters are better than others, but every character felt viable for any situation. You had to be there...
11/01/23 05:56AM
jigiyak said:
i'm asking this because i genuinely don't know if there's anyone who actually likes overwatch for the game

For the game? Absolutely not. But Bastion was a very amazing character. A former omnic robot whose sole purpose was to walk into battle turned into a nature loving robot with it's little bird friend? That's awesome. But like all cool characters, Bastion is given the Star Wars "Finn" treatment.
11/02/23 09:47PM
The thing is? I USED to. I was on board back when it released. But Blizzard being Blizzard, money grubbing, short-sighted dipshits, ruined that.

Now, OW is nothing but a lewd farm to me...feels bad...

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