11/04/23 09:21AM
Skeb-Like Hypno Art Comms
All right, so here's the deal! I have an account on I need 2 more different people to commission me through there, and leave a review. (It's free to join as a client!)

So I'm thinking, I want to do what I think might actually be an interesting offer!

You? You give me the following:
- Character (Link me direct references please! It makes it a LOT easier. IF I don't know the character, or the version,, let's not risk me googling, and using the wrong one, lol)
- Tags! You tell me up to ... ehhh, 10 tags you want the image to encompass. IE: Dazed, nude, femsub, glasses, tech_control, magic, text and kneeling. I would then do an image that would require those tags.
- This is meant to be 'skeb-like', MEANING you get NOTHING about the image, no contact, no nothing, until I finish and send the finished thing! (Well, unless you're looking for an update, or I'm asking a question, ro something of the sort. You will not see wips. You will not be having conversations about the image, nothing of the sort).
- EXCLUDED TAGS: Animation (and variations of), comic, anthro, furry, loli, shota, scat, watersports
- PRICE: 50usd for 1 character. 75usd for 2 characters.

So... anyone brave enough for this? ~<33
(If there is any interest, I'll put a listing for it on my vgen profile. Lol)

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