11/04/23 07:16PM
The Hypnotist's Experiment Hypnosis Visual Novel Project
Hey everyone it's been a really long time since i last posted on here. To summarize the last time i was on here all the way back in 2016. I was working on a hypnosis visual novel project called Hypnotic Student:Infiltration of Kuro Highschool.

However what happened was i found someone on one of the discord servers im on who offered to help me with the project as an editor. Reading over my story with him. Me and him both realized my story needed a rewrite. Which is something all writers should do if you write something get feedback. So we changed up the story alot and gave it the name The Slaves in Shards.

And we were happy with it, however recently i realized my art needs an update. My general workflow was to hand draw the sprites and make the backgrounds using the Cycles engine in Blender. Because i was using cycles the art needed a much needed improvement. So we renamed it again to The Hypnotist's Experiment. And now i am using Eevee instead of Cycles. Below you'll find a comparison between the old art and the new art.

We also have a patreon set up however it is has not been publicly released yet. The reason is because right now im working to fix the art and UI so i decided to wait to release until that is done. Below you'll find the synopsis of the game. The synopsis doesn't go into detail about it but the setting is in London. I make devlog videos on youtube for this project. This thread i will update with text versions of the same updates so you anyone interested in the project can follow on here if you'd like.

Shuyaku Hyland is just your average high school student who attends the prestigious Hyde Colligate Institute. Despite being born into a rich family, he honestly finds his own life rather boring. Failing class and constantly getting into fights all day, his delinquent nature makes the other students scoff at him, seeing him as rather plebeian or barbaric.

However, this boring disruptive life of his is about to come to an end. One day he opens up his postal box as usual, expecting to find junk mail, but to his surprise, he finds a package sent to him by his Father. Opening the package, he finds two things; a letter by his father and a book called "The Art of Hypnotism".

Bored Shuyaku doesn't care about what the book has to say, so he just tosses it aside and forgets the whole thing...until the very next day when his next door neighbor and childhood friend, Saki Itsuka, comes over to his place, noticed the book, and felt intrigued by it. She decides to dare Shuyaku on whether or not he could hypnotise her. He accepts the challenge out of boredom, but his boredom quickly turns upside down as he actually manages to Hypnotise her.

Shocked at how easy it was, he decides to use it and make his life just a little more interesting. To see how far he go with this skill, he sets his sights on the school he is attending, deciding to use his newfound abilities to potentially take over the School in a fun little game of sorts. Little does he know, however, was that this was exactly what his father predicted would happen. Now he sits back and observes how far his son will go in an experiment of sorts.

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