11/05/23 08:32PM
Hi! I'm new here.
Log story short, I knows (at least I expect) is not a SN. So long time I've feeling alone with my phantasmes, so I'm truly happy to find a dom that I share the vibes.

Just saying I hope to get along with you all, and discuss about our shared interest; my mail box is open.

Also, my apologizes, I'm not anglophone native. That was my bottle in sea, nice to meet you.
11/06/23 12:23AM
That made me chuckle.
I wonder if personal threads are allowed here. Good to meet you.
11/06/23 01:58AM
Now you said it....
I d'ont know neither, but I've seen many post like "what do you think about..." "have you already..." so I thought a introducing post is tolered.

Should have to anwser with dms in the future?
11/06/23 05:23AM
I am open to getting DM'd. I wonder, for one, what's your first language.
11/07/23 09:52PM
it's fine as long as you don't over do it, check how many personals threads are in the front page, if there are 2 or more don't post, if there's 1 or less then do it
11/08/23 02:37AM
I'll remember it.
By the way I don't intend to do it again, that was just a global greeting.
11/08/23 03:13PM
There is a hypnohub discord server which might be useful for you as well.
11/08/23 04:36PM
I tried, I get a badgateway...
11/09/23 05:35PM
chalilin said:
I tried, I get a badgateway...

Could be a broken link left over from when the site got moved. The general invite code that the discord itself lists is so try that?
11/09/23 08:16PM
Oh it work. So the link on the site's menue is broke.
11/10/23 12:20PM
Yeah, sorry about that. I let the admins know and they've fixed it now. <3

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