11/15/23 09:44PM
Mind Control University Battle Royale Discord Server: Recruiting for Semester 4!
Mind Control University, the MCU.

A school famed throughout the multiverse for producing world-conquerors and galaxy-rulers with shocking regularity. Where the greatest mind controllers in the multiverse go to learn. The downside? There are no rules against enslaving your fellow student, only rules against getting caught. And so, every class inevitably becomes a free-for-all, with students vying to consolidate power or make it out with their free wills intact. But to graduate, even the most demure student will still likely need to claim a slave of their own.


Hi Hypnohub! Been about five months since the last one of these, it's me again.

This ad is for an rp Discord server based on the Mind Control University, by sunt. It's a mind control+hypnosis kink themed erp server based around a multiversal school, where nobody's mind is safe. Come learn our many disciplines such as Traditional Hypnosis, Magic, Psionics, Chi, Chemistry and Pheremones, Technology, and much more!

The third semester recently completed. We're running a recruitment drive for two weeks for new players to participate in semester four, and we want you!

DM me on discord at Lakaz#1246 to answer a few questions, and I can send you a discord link. I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!
11/21/23 01:07AM
Bumping! We start saturday, so ping me soon! Or don't. I'm an advert, not a cop.

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