11/17/23 04:58AM
Tag(s) for general company brainwashing?
Hi! I was wondering if there could be either a general tag around the general concept of being hypnotized or brainwashed by a company/corporation/brand, or more tags surrounding the concept. There’s “corporatification” but that’s just for turning people into business-looking people, but doesn’t include:

- dronification into a bought and sold sex toy
- mind control of non-corporate job positions (retail/service/etc)
- brainwashing into brand loyalty/influencing

These don’t have to be all under the same tag, but I feel as though this sort of stuff should be searchable via tags.

11/17/23 10:53PM
I think this may better fit in this tag discussion thread:

You laid it out quite well here, so you can probably just copy-paste this post over on that thread.

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